Thursday, August 17, 2006

No Kids for a Day

Funny, isn't it, how easy it is to revert to the life you once knew? I will be without my kids until Saturday evening. You know all those projects you want to get to, but never can? I'm deep cleaning my house and organizing my piles of too much stuff. I rented a chic flick and went out for pizza. Tonight I think I will take a hike and/or go to the temple. I might even go tanning (as long as we are sharing guilty pleasures, that is one of mine).

I'm really supposed to be getting ready to go back to school in a few days, and I suppose I am a little bit, but the freedom to stay up late, and then in turn sleep late is so rare that I can't stop myself from taking advantage of it.

I know that in a day or so I will begin to miss their happy little faces with a sharp ache, but I'm only on day three and I'm not quite there yet. I suppose I should say something self-deprecating here like, "I guess I'm a bad mother." But I don't think I am. I'd like to think that I am typical.

So to all you mothers out there: if you are between little ones (i.e. no nursing infants) find somebody you trust to take the kids for overnight--husband, mother, sister, best friend--and take an overnight trip all by yourself. Shop at the most expensive mall you can find and treat yourself to a wonderful dinner, spend the night at one of those overnight scrapbook lodges with your friends, go to the ballet or a play, sit at a coffee shop all day with a huge hot chocolate and book. Or, send hubby and the kidlets on an overnight trip and then do all those house projects you never can get to. Maybe if we take a little time for ourselves occasionally we will be better mothers on the other end.


jamamma said...

I'm glad you didn't say you were a bad mom cause I know you're a great one! I'm so glad you've joined the blogging world. It's a great way to catch up! We miss you. I look forward to hearing more. Hope your first week back at school is great.

forecast calls for rain said...

Oh, your alone time is sounding so wonderful. I'm so happy for you. Once kids are back and school begins you still have to find time to blog. said...

I was just thinking the other day about what I will do with my kiddos when I am working full time as a nurse. I thought about sending them for part of the summer to see my dad in Utah. Then I got really sad, a whole MONTH with out them. A couple of days is very nice though!

soccermommy said...

i'm glad you are a blogger now. i love to keep in touch with people this way. it is good to hear you are doing well!