Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Could We Get a Fact-checker Here Please?

I assigned my 7th graders a research paper last week. They each chose their own (probably my first mistake) scientific question to research. I have learned many knew things in the course of my grading. For example, did you know that although greenhouse gasses are somehow killing the rainforest, they are actually good for the earth because they keep making it warmer and warmer; or that jeans are responsible for your eye color? One student wanted to know how a computer worked and came up with a very profound answer--YOU PLUG IT IN. I further learned that the Pacific Ocean is a mere 64 square miles. I think it should definitely be considered as one of the legs for the next Iron-man Triathalon.

Oh friends, love your children! They will keep saying hilarious stuff for a LONG time.

My nearly five year old was walking very strangely tonight. When I asked him what was wrong, he told me that he was missing some of his bones. Lately he is fascinated by his perfect skeleton, transistor stations for electricity and how anything is made. Yesterday in the car he asked me how CD's were made. I've never been so grateful for my science background as I have been the last few months.

My scientific question for research: How does a lumpy mass of fermented milk, sugar and flour produce such delicious bread? I guess more taste-testing is needed. I still don't have any takers on a start. Desmama?


Desmama said...

Don't even.

on.the.run said...

So funny - my favorite one is about the green house effect being good because it is making the planet warmer - after all who doesn't love a good hurricane!

forecast calls for rain said...

Yes!!! I'm so excited that it tasted good. I knew it would. When you find the answer let me know. If only the start could be mailed I'd take it, but like you mentioned in your previous blog, it possibly could be considered an explosive.