Monday, November 27, 2006

Things I'm Thankful For

Okay, stole the title from DesMama, but I think she is on to something.

This week I realized something very powerful. It is a lesson that working full time has actually taught me. The last 18 months have been so busy that I've really had to strip away what is not essential and focus on what matters the most.

When we lived in a home, I spent a lot of time (and sometimes money) finding ways to "improve" it--pictures, paint, curtains, decor, etc. I think I did this sometimes for me, but probably more often for the approval of others. And while this stuff is fun and, to a degree, rewarding, I have realized that my happiness level is no different now than it was then. I live in an apartment with no dishwasher that I am grateful to have moderately clean one day in seven. My couches were purchased at a garage sale 7 years ago. My kitchen table was originally in a box at K-mart. Our bedroom furniture is from the classified ads, purchased before my marriage. I'll spare you any more details than this, but you are probably getting the picture.

But my kids are adorable and mostly really happy. I am thrilled for the hours I do get to spend with them each day and love watching them grow. I have a husband who is getting excellent grades and is a wonderful dad. He helps around the house without asking and never categorizes jobs as yours and mine. I never go to bed without a kiss and a cuddle. I love this faith-baby so much growing inside of me that at times I think I will burst for joy. I get along great with both my side and his side of the family; there is very little discord on that front.

I guess that this week I am most grateful for having learned to seperate the wheat from the chaff. Life is definitely not easy, and we are certainly dealing with our own set of trials (who isn't?), but I hope that I always remember the lessons learned from this difficult time in our lives. I hope I can always seperate as clearly as I have this holiday season relevance from irrelevance.


Anonymous said...

I so hear you on the house-decor thing. While I'm excited for the day to come when we have a house, I'm honestly so happy where we are now, with what we have. I hope I can keep that in mind when we do have a house--that it's my family that's important, not how Martha Stewart-ish I can be. said...

Thanks Nan - you always say things so beautifully.