Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm a Sucker For a Funny Commercial

I will admit it. I love funny commercials. I think it goes back to this classic commercial from my childhood. Especially the first time you see them. The one I saw today that prompted the post is a Geico commercial. I laughed so hard I was tempted to change my auto insurance right then and there.

I also like commericals that make me think. Like this one. It makes me feel sick when I think about this beautiful place we've been given stewardship over. I guess that is the whole point, right. The next is a commercial put together by Dove's Campaign For Real Beauty. Nemesis first pointed this out to me on this post.

My kids are also getting pretty commercialized. Scallywag said to me the other day just before bedtime, "Mom, I would like to watch the all new Build it Bigger. It is on at ten pm eastern." The other thing he informed me the other day is that he'd like some Aquadots, though you had to be eighteen or older to call and get them. If you have been watching Nickelodeon lately, you know what I'm talking about. And if you don't turn off Nickelodeon at seven minutes to the hour and half hour, there is time for your kids to see about 14 commercials. Perfect.

And while I'm linking stuff that just makes me laugh like crazy. Go ahead and check out this one. If you like George Bush or hate Will Farrell, skip it. Anyway, hope this post is good for a laugh and a chance to share your favorite commercials or just vent at the media.


Kimberly Bluestocking: said...

That Dove ad really gets me. I was willfully clueless about fashion in high school, but I often wonder how media standards will impact my daughter as she grows up.

Incidentally, I hear there's a fashion venue in Barcelona that refuses to allow models of unhealthy weight. I hope more venues will follow their lead. said...

That Dove commercial couldn't be more realistic. When I was a model I was always amazed at some of the beautiful pictures that came from some really weird looking people.

That Dubya clip cracked me up. I loved the "facts" part of it and the pop-up book. Simon and I disagree politically and the other day I used one of my text books to back up my argument, he challenged my source by telling me that Mike Savage had written several books (not that he has read any of them) and so he feels he is just as infomed as I am.