Monday, January 05, 2009

Stealing An Idea From Everyone: The Dreaded Resolutions

I actually did pretty good on my goals list last year. I accomplished five of the ten. (That's pretty good? I'm thinking like baseball batting average here more than letter grades with my 50%.) One of the ten was something I thought I wanted to do but have since changed my mind, as for the other four, well, I did do SOME work on them, but more is needed.

Nem read something about making anti-resolutions instead of resolutions. It is an interesting idea. I think I'll do five of each this year.

1. I will read my scriptures over breakfast each morning and before doing any other reading for the day. (I'm starting this one tomorrow.)

2. I will spend at least 15 minutes daily reading to my baby. (He gets left by the wayside on the reading, because he doesn't really like the books the big kids want. He can't sit still for them. Which of course means that the less often he is read to, the harder it is for him to sit still.)

3. I will cook one new recipe each month. (This isn't something I'm super keen on, but I am attempting to keep Plantboy from dying of boredom, something I'm very keen on. Also, he has begun to count carbs so some of my favorite standbys will have to be scrapped or modified.)

4. I will continue reading my stack of classics, though I might quit with "The Wings of the Dove" and try instead "The Agony and Ecstasy." (What is the deal with Henry James anyway?)

5. Plantboy and I will find a way to get our 10th anniversary trip. (Even if it is not over our anniversary; even if it is not to our dream location; and even if it means that we don't get much of a family vacation also.)

1. I will not count down until my time as Enrichment Leader has been served, nor will I grumble about my calling. (Except for maybe on my blog when something might slip sometime.)

2. I will not stop writing. (Regardless of rejection, exhaustion, futility or dried up imagination.)

3. I will not use the line of credit on my checking account even once this year. (I'll use the credit card instead of the debit card when I don't have enough money. Kidding. . . .)

4. I will not spend more than one hour in any given day between Blogger and Facebook. (I'm sure I'll find other meaningless black holes in which to throw my time. Freecell comes to mind.)

5. I will not let distance keep me from attending the temple at least once each quarter. (I'll find other excuses.)

I think I'm going to put the text of this post into a sidebar. Just in the interest of keeping myself honest. They say to post goals on your mirror, but all you would have to do is look at me lately to know that I spend WAY more time on blogger than in front of the mirror. (And who are "they" anyway?)


Suburban Hippie said...

Wow! That's a lot of resolutions and anti-resolutions. I have found that if I don't do my prayers and scriprtures before I do anything else it doesn't get done.

Simon would be so excited if I only made one new recipe a month. Men - you can't win.

kanaboke said...

oh Nan, I love ya!! This was sooo great to absolute favorite part was Anti-resolutions ~ the parts between parentheses ~ also, yes, don't EVER stop writing!! You are AMAZING at it!

Yankee Girl said...

I am so copying you in coming up with some resolutions and som anti-resolutions.

Love, love, love the cd. Thanks

EmAndTrev said...

I like this approach to resolutions. I've been mulling over some of my goals, but I also like the idea of anti-resolutions too. At any rate, keep writing FOR SURE, and please share your ideas for new recipes! I get into ruts too easily in that area.

Kimberly Bluestocking said...

I hear you SH - my husband is always pleasantly surprised when I serve him something he's actually eaten before. For some reason, trying new recipes with no guarantee of success is way more appealing to me than preparing something I've made before and know we'll like. Go fig.

On the resolution front, I love making them but I find if I make too many some get lost in the shuffle. I limited myself to three this year. Since I'm due to have our second child in a few weeks, even those three might slip through the cracks. Wish me luck.

Christie said...

Great entry. I'd never heard of anti-resolutions. Your paranthetical remarks made yours a kick! Sounds like a full year to me.

Kristen said...

If you make something yummy, could you send me the recipe? By the way my new favorite food is horseradish.