Monday, January 10, 2011

The Inevitable Resolution Post

Before talking resolutions, I have decided to continue the contest for a few more days, just until the 14th. Scroll down for entry details. I just can't get around to it for a few days; I'm flat chat. (A bonus entry to anybody who can explain that Aussie expression.)

I did pretty good on last year's resolutions, and I really liked a lot of my goals, so I think there will some repeats here as well as some new ones:

"I will get less hung up if my Martha tasks are unfinished and concentrate harder on the Mary tasks. (Luke 10:38-42) Oops, there goes my Etsy store."

This one was a good one for me, though I am not sure that my house is clean as often as I'd like it to be. Maybe this year I will work on some balance.

"I will re-establish the habit of meaningful prayer in my life."

Getting better, but I think we'll keep this one on the list.

"I will record the spiritual impressions that I have."

This one was rather vague; I think the idea was that I wouldn't just use my blog as my journal, since there are things that I don't really share here. (Yes, believe it or not, there are things I refrain from saying.) I haven't gotten much better at this, but I'm not sure it will be a priority this year either. That may sound rather awful, but I'm trying to be realistic.

"I will continue my current course of scripture study, which has been wonderfully effective for me. (In the spring I bought an inexpensive set of scriptures that I have been cross-referencing to the conference talks and the footnotes. It is fascinating to see patterns emerge and passages of scripture that get continual emphasis.) I need to establish this fledgling habit more firmly so that it is a part of my life at least five days each week."

I'm still not up to five days each week yet, but this is still working for me and I'm going to continue it, along with the Young Women's Personal Progress program.

"I will work harder to maintain harmony in my family relationships--particularly towards and between my kids."

Does anybody every say "Bam! Checked off!" to this goal?

"I will attend the temple between six and 12 times this year. At least every other month, if not every month."

Made it! Not easy, for sure. Though not exactly easy, I think Plantboy and I have definitely re-established this habit for ourselves.

"I will get more sleep--my greatest lifestyle barrier to making the others more successful"

Meh. Sleep is overrated.

So here the resolutions for 2011:

1. I will balance my Mary and Martha tasks so that I gain a good measure of both internal and external peace on a daily basis.

2. I will have meaningful prayer at least once daily.

3. I will continue my current course of scripture study, at least 5 days each week, and earn my Personal Progress Award along with my study.

4. I will spend less time on the computer social networking, and more time writing. I probably won't blog more often than 2-3 times each month, and have a goal to only check blogs once a week. Yes, yes, I know that is a lousy way to pick up new readers, but I need some balance if I am ever going to get published. By fall I want to have two manuscripts (one unfinished and one in need of heavy revision) ready to send to a publisher.

5. I will spend less time reading and more time exercising. Yes, really. A friend and I are trying to put together a group to run a 200 mile race in August in central Oregon. If it doesn't pan out, we still want to do a half marathon in Portland in May. I've never done anything like this before, and I'm not just doing it now for the exercise. As much as the thought of losing a little bit of weight is appealing, mostly I'm interested in accomplishing something for myself. I'll give regular training updates here through the year.

6. I will study my options and apply for colleges this spring; I will then decide by fall whether or not I'm actually enrolling.


Janssen said...

Great goals! What kind of degree are you thinking about getting?

Melanie said...

Is the 200 mile race the Ragnar? Do it; it's so fun (a miserable kind of fun at times, but fun)!

Jenny said...

"Meh. Sleep is overrated."

*gasp!* I will still be your friend.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

@Janssen--Probably a master's degree in education. I have to be employable when I get out. Still, I can't help but think I would really like to be a mycologist, or maybe a pharmacist, or an astronaut, or a marine biologist. I've toyed around with the idea of law school . . . I just think maybe those ships has sailed.

@Melanie--Not the Ragnar. The one we are looking at here is much less famous even than the Hood to Coast Oregon is known for. It is called the Cascade Lakes Relay.

@Jenny--The thing is, I love to sleep. I just have so much to accomplish, and I can't see how I can work more sleep in without doing so much less. "Meh" is my way of saying I really do care I just can't afford to!

Cathy said...

Have you checked out the section at the back of the Personal Progress handbook where it shows the (greatly reduced) requirements for YW leaders to complete the Personal Progress program? There are some pretty major adaptations!