Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Overheard at Home Pre-School

"Jesus made our bodies." Yes, He did, I affirmed in the simplest explanation available to a barely three year-old, who is not my child. Her statement made me slightly guilty. Our theme today was, in part, the letter "E" and for snack we were making elephant ears. Fry bread the size of a basketball hoop covered in sugar. Guilty because it isn't exactly the healthiest snack for little God-given bodies.

It's all about the theme right?

Around a mouthful of fry-bread she added, "Jesus gave me a boba."

Um . . . okay?

"And Jesus gave my brother a penis."

Oh! So at your house you use the correct word for male anatomy, but not female, apparently.

My own baby Jedi pipes up and says, "Boba is green."

"No!! My boba's not green. It's by my bum."

"Yes. Boba is green."

I realized, in time to break up any further argument or proof from the little girl ready to pull her pants down, that THIS:

was the Boba in question.

And The Youngling is right. His armor is green. I'll have to take Miss Visitor's word for the rest.

Almost as funny as the language misunderstanding between two pre-schoolers however, was finding this picture while looking for Mr. Fett.

The title of this gem? "Boba Fett is My Dad." And while my inclination is to offer my condolences, it is important to note that the child looks ridiculously happy. This picture came from a blog post boasting 40 BOBA FETTS. It is more than possible that nobody here (except maybe TamathyC) geeks out on this kind of stuff the way I do, but can anyone offer an explanation, psychological or cultural or otherwise, for how Boba Fett, a character with only a single line in the original trilogy, became such a cult-classic?


Janssen said...

No, but he IS! Isn't that crazy? When I was a kid, our neighbor spent months welding in his garage to make a full, probably more impressive than the movie, Boba Fett costume. (He lost at a costume contest to a guy in a diaper with a pacifier who brought dozens of friends to cheer loudly for him. Life is unfair).

chris w said...

That.Is.Awesome! Of all the nicknames I've heard before, Boba is not one of them. Also, that you had to pull up a picture of Boba Fett to convince her that there was a green one. I wish I could hear the conversation she had when she went home. :)

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Oh, Chrisw, I should clarify. I did NOT pull up the picture for her. I found it later for the Blog. I wanted to drop the subject because I had absolutely no desire to explain to my Jedi what SHE meant by "Boba." With or without pictures.

t. said...

the Fetts, Bobba and Jango are just cool. They have no cheesy lines,no feathery hairstyles and they could not care less about the drama playing out around them. We don't even see Bobba's face and he looks bored. Then there's the mystery- where did they come from, what's their motivation?
I asked my eight year old. He says it's the jet pack.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Even when you DO know his history, it is pretty fascinating. Wookipedia supplies all kinds of useless information.

And he has an excellent point about the jetpack.

FoxyJ said...

Linguistically the letters "b" and "v" are quite similar and easily confused by children. So she might have been trying to say something more anatomically correct. Just a thought.

I feel so uncool; I haven't seen any of the Star Wars movies since they came out when I was a kid. I guess it's time to rewatch them.

Debbie Barr said...

Hilarious story and what an awesome site! I'm pretty sure all Star Wars fans like to Geek out over Boba Fett. I think we had a half-hour long discussion on him in a class, once.

Kimberly Bluestocking said...

You don't have to talk to be cool. In fact, when was the last time you saw a cool chatterbox?

Science Teacher Mommy said...