Monday, March 07, 2011


I did it.

I had THE TALK with Jedi Knight.

Two different events in the last week convinced me that it was time, and finally after months of thought and prayer (really, I'm pretty uptight when it comes to finding JUST THE RIGHT WORDS), the exact words and approach I needed finally came.

Ideally, I would have naturally answered questions as they arose, but there weren't enough questions asked in proportion to what he needed to know.

It was great. Uplifting. Science, spirit and love-based. He came away with a hug and smile, and the knowledge that he can ask his mother about anything. Piece of cake.


Onto the next major challenge.


Jenny said...

GOOD for you!
And those questions might still not come like they should, so KEEP.IT.UP.
I want my daughters to marry sons of mothers like YOU.

Kimberly Bluestocking said...

Eight years old sure seems young for THE TALK, but on reflection I got some seriously skewed information from a friend's sister around that age. I'm glad Jedi got accurate info with an eternal perspective from you. I pray I'll know when and how to do the same for my kids.

Nemesis said...

Hoo boy. I'm so glad it went well! And way to be proactive!

Z. Marie said...

Was it your blog or someone else's where awhile back someone was recommending age-appropriate books related to THE TALK? Either way, do you have any ideas? We have bits-and-pieces conversations, but full-on puberty isn't far off at my house, and I'm not doing a great job on the education.

AmyJane said...

We've been reading Brad Wilcox's book called "Where Babies Come From," as a precursor to "the talk." My five year old really likes it. Great title for combining fact with the plan of happiness.
I'm glad things went well. I sincerely believe that 8 is the right age, especially for boys. I read somewhere that you should really talk about the things that they will experience and feel BEFORE they can be blindsided by them in real life. Amen.

chris w said...

Transcript please. ;)