Monday, April 09, 2012

Grrr. . . The Sound Mother Bear Makes Before She Rips Somebody's Head Off

I volunteer at the school a couple of mornings each week, mostly doing math. Today I was helping some kids make test corrections related to concepts with which they were struggling. One of the kids in the group went totally punk on me. He had multiple errors, but every time he corrected one problem he would stand up and say "I'm done." After I asked him to sit back down three times so I could check his work (always needing more corrections) and listening to his sass, I gave up and helped the three sweetums and let Punk go back to class. Hey, it isn't a paid gig.

Teacher knows about Punk's attitude and concurred that parent-teacher conference this week won't be pretty.

Fast forward to after school.

Jedi Knight came home in a vile mood. After some cajoling, I got to the heart of the matter. During soccer today at recess, Punk was repeatedly tripping him and encouraging others to do the same.

Does anybody have a ten year old desperately in need of a friend?


Wendy said...

That poor kid. He must have some serious issues going on at home. Hopefully your son won't be the brunt of his torture any more.

Marie said...

Hyrum would love to play and remembers yous boy. I hear about the challenges of recess soccer frequently as well.