Friday, August 24, 2012

Bad Things Don't Happen in Threes

They happen in fours.

So I quit my job.

ONE: Just before vacation the dryer broke.

TWO: Then on vacation I backed into a pole and mangled the passenger door to my van.

THREE: Five days later I got a ticket. (Quite a story, but, some other time.)

UPDATE ON ONE: After vacation the guy installed the broken electrical panel in the dryer which shorted out a second one, probably worth more than what the dryer is worth. Waiting to find out. Been line drying for over a month now.

FOUR: The garage door sounded like it was trying to give birth to another garage door when Plantboy opened it the other night. It is broken. It might take two bolts to fix it . . . or it might need replaced.

Good times at case de sciencio mama.

1 comment:

Janssen said...

Oh dear. Hope they all turn out to be cheap fixes.