Monday, March 04, 2013

Oscar Night

I finally got around to watching the Oscars that I put on the DVR two weeks ago. By the time I watched it I'd already heard most of the results. The night seem pretty balanced between a lot of films. The host was flat (big surprise) and couldn't really decide if he was going to be offensive or not, so most of his jokes just came off with apologies. The big-Bond-bonanza was pretty flat. First of all, let's be honest, most of the Bond films are just not that great. And I had to fast-forward Shirley Bassey's Gauldfingahhh! because it just kind of made me crazy. The other critics, apparently en masse, disagree wildly, but hey, my house. My DVR. My finger on the fast-forward.

Most of the ladies were pretty classy, though I always get a bit nervous about the tops of those dresses sliding south. Modest? Well no, of course not. But we aren't talking Lady Gaga in a meat dress either. Classy, classic Hollywood all around.

As much as I'd like to have time for a long, snarky awards show recap, (those are rather fun, aren't they?), I just don't. Instead I will just leave you with two questions:

What is Kristen Stewart ON?

Could Daniel-Day Lewis be any cooler?

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