Saturday, November 23, 2013

Running Behind

These pictures are from Veteran's Day. Our weather has been pretty bad this month. October was beautiful and then the rain settled in for about three weeks starting on Halloween. Thursday this week it finally cleared up . . . but hasn't really been about 40 degrees since and nights are freezing! Yes, yes, I'm sure the weather where you are is worse (unless it is Southern California or Houston where you still have 90% humidity), but this has been an unusually bad spell for us. Usually the fall is long and slow, drifting lazily into winter-like conditions. Our rainy season is usually in the spring.

Still we have tried to find ways to keep each other from going crazy. The little boys' after school club is good to send them out unless it is just pouring, so they get quite a lot of physical activity still. Jedi Knight has karate a couple of afternoons each week. Still, opportunities like the one below are great because we get to be together and outside. My middle boy was working on a little nature journal for school; they were supposed to find animals in your urban area. Because we have a lot of green space in our city, this is actually not that difficult. Padawan is also working on an animal report and chose the Blue Heron. So we went to find some.

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