Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Light At the End of the Tunnel is a Train

This week is finals week. Not for my husband, for my family. You probably all remember how crazy your roommates acted during this melee of tests and final papers? Well, having a husband finishing school is no different. It has been completely nuts. I've looked over enough papers and projects this week to be an expert on water conservation. I'm not sure I even wanted to be.

If any of you have ever had spouses go back to school, or done it yourself with little ones, I have MUCH empathy. The committment is huge on everybody's part, and while plantboy's name will be on the diploma, I think scienceteachermommy is implied if you read between the lines.

On the up side, graduation is Saturday and now it is time for the easy part--finding a job!


soccermommy said...

congrats to all of you! that is the best news and you will be so happy to be done!

forecast calls for rain said...

Is the finish line really already here? You're amazing! You are definately deserving some huge congrats gift yourself. It's all about the wives! Way to go!