Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Day 3 of Who Knows How Many

I have been home from our Oregon house hunting trip for a few days. It is safe to say that I haven't posted sooner because the results of the trip are not what I expected.

We are in the process of closing on a house, an adorable little house in a great neighborhood. So why not more enthusiasm? Having last bought a house in Texas six years ago, I think it will take me some time to recover from the sticker shock. And the word "adorable" is totally appropriate when we are talking just UNDER 1100 square feet. I've never seen such an efficient floor plan. I think we could have some long, rainy winter days cozied up in our little house.

Now, many of you know, Plantboy stayed in Oregon to begin his new job. He has already been given overtime work for this weekend, been offered a trip to the coast by our realtor, found some members to bunk with instead of living in an extended stay hotel for the next month and been invited for a very nice dinner two doors up from where our new house we'll be. The weather is topping out at a lovely 80 degrees in Eugene this week.

My own journey has not been quite as smooth . . .

Here are just a few of today's highlights.

1. Mancub (Remember, he is nearly six) pooped his pants outside this morning and was told he had to stay inside for the day. It was like 9 am. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who really got punished for this today.

2. Poopy Pirate has decided to be TWO with a vengeance this week. He can't seem to ask for anything without having a complete come apart. His pale face turns scarlet in about 3.2 seconds during these outbursts and HE DOESN'T LIKE HAVING THE FAN ON. At least the fever he was running Monday (102 degrees) is gone. No apparent reason for that.

3. Two words: cracked nipple.

4. It was 95 degrees today. Our apartment has no A/C. Al Gore would be very proud of our tiny carbon footprint, but on a day like today, I say "To $#%%^^* with global warming."

5. Nine diapers. (Over and above supervising Mancub cleaning out his underwear. And then scrubbing poop off the counter and the floor.)

6. A whole cup of milk spilled at least gave me an excuse to mop the kitchen.

7. I discovered the perfect method for putting my baby to sleep. Put him on his tummy. I know that I will hear all kinds of flack for this one. I have to admit, however, that my other two were right around a month when I discovered this wonderful trick. I think I should do an entire blog about all the lies I've told my pediatrician.

8. Mancub promised to get the Poopy Pirate a snack if he woke up from his nap while mum nursed BabyPete. No sooner had Baby Pete latched his voracious little gums to his mother when Mancub woke up Poopy Pirate and then refused to help him get some Graham crackers and milk though he'd asked nicely and then began sobbing uncontrollably. Mancub likes power.

9. This one is a REAL highlight. My mother came up for about an hour and a half today to watch the kids (who were wonderful for her, of course) while I went to get groceries. They were doing so well I even stopped at Down East Home to buy a couple of WonderTees (can you have too many of these?) and covet some damaged furniture. On the way home I went to Arby's for a roast beef sandwich as big as my head and devoured it as quickly as any good carnivore would.

We are closing on the house on Friday the 13th. Any superstitious feeling about this? Anyway, here are a few pics. I remember the whole house being darker--wall paint, furniture, etc. It does have two fabulous skylights and stainless appliances and nice lighting fixtures. It also has two lime green walls in the second and third bedrooms. Nice. Just because paint CAN be mixed any color, doesn't mean it should be.


Doreen said...

That is a cute little house. I think you will love the kitchen (at least the picture looks like you would). Sorry you're having a rough time at home. Oh, and ouch, cracked nipple. Not normal. I suggest you call our friend and find out what can be done (asap, too). :o) Sorry your boys are acting up, too. Kaylee has been doing the screaming thing for who knows how long now. It gets really old really fast. Lets just say we've had some embarrassing moments here, and I'm sure people think I'm not good at parenting (her, anyway)... Hang in there!

1tiredmama said...

Sounds like a rough couple of days. I am right there with you on the babies sleeping on their tummies. Both my kids slept so much better. Luckily their dr. never asked about it. I always tried the back sleeping, but after a month or so they always ended up on their tummies! The house looks really nice. I am sure you will be more than ready to get there by the time you close on it.

forecast calls for rain said...

I love the house!!! It's so cute. Which paint do you hate:) So sorry about the two word frustration on top of all the other problems of your day. I wish I could come take your kids away and give you some adult alone time with a good chick flick and another Arby's sandwhich. I think we all tried the back sleeping and resorted to the tummy. Does anyone really do the back thing the whole time. I just loved when they could finally roll so I didn't feel guilty about it anymore.

scienceteachermommy said...

The awful paint is not in the pictures. Surprise, surprise.

My sister's kids are back sleepers. Her newest little cherub had the flat head for a long time to prove it. But they do it! I'm so glad to know there are other moms out there who like to live on the wild side too.

amyjane said...

Ooh! Cute little house. I imagine the housing market there is similar to here in Reno, so I can only imagine the sticker shock.

I'm biting back the lecture on back-sleeping. :) I'm super paranoid about the tummy sleeping so I pretty much never gave Patrick the option until he learned to roll himself over. However, he slept many an entire night in his swing, which will probably brain damage him someday. So many ways to ruin them...

Desmama said...

STM--Cute house. The pictures were fun to look at. I'm glad you'll be able to settle down someplace for at least a little while. ;)

You know, I had a friend whose pediatrician gave her the go-ahead to do the tummy sleeping simply because he said "Well, you don't smoke, and you're not going to throw him in there with a bunch of bulky blankets. Odds are, he'll do just fine." I usually swaddled my kids so tight they didn't wake up anyway, so the only time they tummy-slept was when they rolled themselves over, and by that time, I couldn't stop them.

Edie said...

Interesting to know.