Friday, August 17, 2007

Words I Hate and a Few Pet Peeves While I'm At It

Its my blog and I'll whine if I want to . . . .

Words I hate:

Uranus--Yesterday my kids were watching a Blue's Clues all about planets. Steve is singing, "Saturn's got those icy rings and Uranus spins on it side." Nice. They can hold a whole forum that bumps Pluto from planet status and they can't even rename one.

Crap and Sucks--You know, these two have become so common it is hardly even worth bringing them up. Growing up, I'd have been in trouble for either of these, especially the second. They slipped fairly regularly into my vocabulary during college and stayed firmly planted there until I had kids. Suddenly I began thinking, how nice are these words popping out of a 2 year old's mouth? (I mean, other than the first time, which would probably be funny.) I'd rather hear an occasional damn or hell than these two.

Omygosh--I never thought much about this expression until my six year old began using it about ten times a day. I've realized that I'm using this expression a plethora of times every day myself. What am I, a valley girl? Like omyheck.

Forward--Why such a tame word with such a nice message? When I was in elementary school, I made it to the district spelling bee. They said there would be no homonyms and then gave me the word "forward" which I spelled f-o-r-e-w-o-r-d. Excuse me for being a third grader who thinks outside the box! Could they have really made this mistake? Maybe it is my memory that is mistaken.

Blog and all variations to change its part of speech--It sounds like you are puking. And okay, I have to admit that blogging is often little more than word spew. I read some blogs that are almost incoherent; as if someone really has just strung together a bunch of random words. Are they being cute or clever? Am I missing some kind of joke?

Gay--Not in the sense that it describes two homosexual men; I mean you have to have a word to call things, right? But in the sense that teenage boys this word, "Dude, that is so gay." Whatever the thing is they don't approve of, it is gay.

Okay, on to the pet peeves.

Alec Baldwin (and anything else from his gene pool, though the brothers aren't worth a mention)--With the possible exception of Hunt for Red October and some narration work in the Thomas the Tank Engine movies, this guy just bugs me. If you have boys who like trains you have no doubt seen Thomas and the Magic Railroad. If not, click on the link. I don't think any more discussion into Alec Baldwin will be necessary.

The Little Mermaid--She dresses like a slut, acts like a brat, attracts stupid men and sells her soul to the sea witch. The consequences of all this? She GETS EVERYTHING SHE WANTS. I love the way Disney helps to teach family values.

Rachael Ray's man hands--Have you ever seen her mix ground meat by hand? Enough said.

Wal-Mart--I will admit that this store is an occassional necessary evil, but I hate in on principal. I will not go into the diatribe here. I'm sure this could be a post all on its own.

Toby Keith--"We'll put a boot up your *** its the American way." Charming.

Flip-flops and chicken hair at church--The flip flops because of what that GA said about beach attire being taboo at a church a couple of conferences ago, and the chicken hair . . . .wait, what do I mean by chicken hair. You know, the pony tail only incomplete pulled through that stands on end--sometimes very strategically. C'mon, people, it is church! Get out of bed 15 minutes earlier and DO something with that mop. Is sloppy the new semi-formal?

Shirts-that-look-like-lingerie-over-a-sucking-tight-top-so-I'm-modest--Maybe this one explains itself? Regardless of the modesty shirt underneath, this look is still reallly suggestive. And it really isn't even that cute. When mothers let their daughters dress this way (again, especially to church!) I just want to know WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?????

You may have noticed, that as I've worn on here I'm getting grouchier. So to end on a happy note:

Words I love--joy, peace, lover, chocolate, date, onamotapeia, grace, teacher, felicity, zap, goofy, hokey, salubrious, plethora, zing, twerp, doofus, zygomatic process, gastrocnemius, salamander, ocean . . . . there are a lot.

Indulgences (or what is the opposite of a pet peeve?)--Chocolate, pictures of my kids, Keith Urban, blogging, cooking, baby-doll shirts, curls, flavored lip gloss, eye makeup, reading on a rainy day, fresh paint on my walls and toes . . . .there are a lot of these too.


Kimberly Bluestocking: said...

Amen about C__p & S___s. My younger siblings say them all the time, but I can't even make the words come out of my mouth.

About the Little Mermaid, I loved that movie when it first came out. Then I grew up and realized, "Hey--that girl's a whiner who cares more about some guy she just met than about her whole family. And she's only wearing half a bikini. There's no way I'm buying that film for my child. Come on Joy--let's go watch Mulan."

FoxyJ said...

A little while ago I said "stupid" and S-Boogie copied me. Then I felt bad for saying it. So far she hasn't picked up anything else, but sometimes I worry about it. Every time I'm with my parents we always have the same conversation about WalMart. My dad agrees with us that it's evil, but my mom thinks we're all snobs. And I feel like a weird mom because S-Boogie doesn't watch any Disney movies. We ended up with Pocahontas for a week and that was enough to convince me that my decision was right. I like to watch Beauty and the Beast while she's asleep...

Science Teacher Mommy said...

"Stupid" and "hate" are both taboo at our house because the kids are really old enough to know when it is appropriate and when it is not. The more boy oriented Disney movies are pretty good, as long as there aren't too many guns. The Pixars are pretty tame. My boys also like Mulan pretty well. Tarzan is also good, and the music is really great.

emma jo said...

ditto on it all lady.

Carrot Jello said...
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Forecast said...

This is hilarious. That seems like some good therapy to get all my pet peeves down on paper. I'm going to start the list tonight.

You're supposed to be on the look out for a Carlson family. He's looking for you. They're members. I wasn't super great friends with him but so him at the reunion, found out he was living there and told him to find you and play games with you.

Forecast said...

My blog was not supposed to make anyone cry. It was supposed to make you feel better, I'm so sorry!!!

Tola said...

ummm . . . . at least the ones wearing "flip-flops and chicken hair" are AT church. would you rather they weren't?

Evil Kitty said...
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Christie said...

Okay, I'm late commenting here and wish I knew what those deleted comments were. (And, just for the record, 100% honesty is how blogs are supposed to be. So you go ahead and diss whatever you want!)

Now, that I've said that. . . I have man hands. Truth is truth. And I've only watched Rachel Ray once or twice--glimpses while Jared is trolling through channels, but she had my dream job. And my hands would look every bit as bag -- maybe worse. (I prefer to refer to them as "Pioneer Issue" hands. Ditto feet. Ditto my whole build.)

And I think one of your pet peeves is what I call a "Boob Wrap." Kind of like a vest only tighter and only for the, well, boobs. I've seen grown women in them. At church. Gag! I'm with you!

Hmmm. I say, "crap." But I hate the word suck. I also quit saying "fart" when Jared began talking. We used to call them toots. Only now that the kids are old enough to know socially appropriate occasions from inappropriate ones, I've fallen back to fart. (In the verbal sense only.)

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Good point Tola. I'm not saying that at all. And the teenage girl thing, definitely better that they are there. I knew a mom that let her daughter get away with a lot because the alternative was that she might run away AGAIN. I'm not saying church needs to be a fashion show either, but I don't think there is anything wrong with encouraging QUIET DIGNITY or setting an example that way.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Good point Tola. I'm not saying that at all. And the teenage girl thing, definitely better that they are there. I knew a mom that let her daughter get away with a lot because the alternative was that she might run away AGAIN. There are two sides to every story.

Tola said...

a couple of weeks ago the RS lesson was about language. i have always had a challenge in keeping my language appropriate, and that lesson really affected me. i am trying harder than ever now to really watch what words i use, and choose alternatives. and not all of those questionable words are what the world deems "swear words". so im just a fellow-sojourner on this path to perfection, as we all are. and yes, id much prefer the teenage girls weren't *quite* so casual at church, but id really rather that than them not being there. testimonies are fragile things and being a teenager is about the hardest thing in the world. it's our job as the role-models to make sure they treat each other well.