Thursday, October 11, 2007


The longest stretch of sleep I had last night. It is funny how you forget certain things from child to child. For example, as I've allowed my children to be tummy sleepers at very young ages, they all go through this thing at about four or five months when they wake up a lot. Why? Babies master that front to back roll a LONG time before they can do back to front.
Two is also the number of hours of television Pirate watched this morning while Mommy dozed on the couch. The plan was very effective until my visiting teacher dropped by. She is extremely sweet and even told me my hair looked nice though my house was a disaster and I was wearing my pajamas. Maybe my hair does look nice. I haven't seen a mirror yet today.

And Zippity Do-Dah wanted a sitcom for moms? You've got it sister. These mini shows are hilarious, written by moms, for moms. Start with the trailer. Every episode is funny and they are clean. Okay, clean by sitcom standards; it isn't something you'd show, say, during a Relief Society Lesson. Plantboy tipped me off on these when he saw an Internet news release on them at Mother's Day. The graphic didn't come out very big, but they are calling for submissions. I have heard some stories here that could totally make the cut. Check out this link and scroll down to "Don't Talk to Them, They are Mormons," and read all the way to the L A S T paragraph. It is one of my all time favorite blogger-moments.


Doreen said...

You know what's funny, Bryan actually mastered back to front when he was only a couple of months old. Problem was, he didn't know how to turn front to back. And he HATED being on his tummy. That made for some interesting times... Sorry you didn't get much sleep. I keep thinking we should be getting some good sleep right now, what with our kids being well past the baby stage. Not so much. Between Bryan and Kaylee, we're up about every two hourse between midnight and 7a.m. For things like "I can't find my blankie", or "I need to come sleep in your bed, so I can kick you in your face for the rest of the night." What am I going to do in 5 months???

Doreen said...

So I watched those mini shows. The birds and the bees had me rolling on the floor laughing! Thanks for sharing, I may have to bookmark the site. :D said...

Those sitcoms were pretty funny. I also loved Forecast's blog, she tells stories really well.