Tuesday, November 13, 2007

57 Things I'm Grateful For

Why 57? You'll have to ask one of my old college buddies. In no particular order and with little respect to punctuation . . .

1. Healthy kids
2. Trials that are more temporal than eternal
3. A good night’s rest
4. Sunny November days
5. Maple leaf mulch
6. Blogger buddies
7. The crunchy sound leaves make when you rake them
8. A husband who spent his whole day off working
9. Last Saturday’s temple trip
10. Feeling needed in my calling
11. Good mail
12. Being caught up on the laundry
13. The ability to work
14. The desire to work
15. Knowing I'm a child of God
16. Goodly parents
17. A sister
18. Diego and Thomas and Curious George and Clifford and Bob the Builder and any others who have positively entertained or taught my kids over the years
19. Memories (so that I might have “June roses in the December of my life”)
20. Jane Austen
21. Books (books and more books, duh)
22. Indoor plumbing
23. Hair dye
24. Glacier National Park on that glorious July day I'll never forget
25. Nursery Leaders
26. Friends in many places
27. Freshly vacuumed carpet
28. Atonement
29. Love
30. Chocolate
31. Cello music
32. Two perfect days--one when I was 18, the next when I was 20; each time with a boy I loved dearly.
33. Photographs
34. A fresh pedicure
35. Chili in the crockpot on a cold day
36. A sleeping baby
37. Good teachers
38. The smell of apple pie
39. Serving a mission in a such a wonderful place with such wonderful people
40. Kindergarten and a bus to get Scallywag there every day
41. Joseph Smith's courage
42. The miracle of the IPod and being surrounded by the music I love
43. Temple marriage
44. Cookies
45. Goodwill so Scallywag could have "new" school clothes and I could have the most fabulously fitted boots (oh, and pants) ever.
46. My computer
47. “All I Want Is You” and Plantboy playing it on his guitar during our 1st date (yes, really; he said it was the only song he knew, but I'm not so sure. . . .)
48. Gregor Mendel for persevering even when everyone thought he was totally nuts
49. L O S T and Life so there is a Wednesday night date every week
50. Poopy Pirate’s freckle-nose
51. Dancing in the kitchen with my kids
52. My baby’s smile and his two adorable teeth just popping through
53. Straightening iron
54. Fresh, white hot rolls (Dr. Atkins can take his diet and . . . well, you know.)
55. Changing seasons
56. Cars that keep running to matter how many miles and abuse are heaped on them.
57. A world full of sensory wonders

Okay, you're turn. Pick a magic number and make your own list. I feel remarkably cheerful right now.


Girly Momma said...

i really like the list. it is so good to think about those things. i think in sunday school one time jake and i had to come up with 100 things we were grateful for and write them down. it's so fun to think of all the random little things, along with the big important ones that make us happy. and what i wouldn't give for a good night sleep...

on.the.run said...

Great list!

zippity-do-da said...

It's amazing how long the list can be once you get going. Thanks for getting me going.