Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Survival Tips?

It is 11 am on the first day of summer vacation. I am sure there will be some good times, maybe even great times, but I think it is going to be a long few months too.

You home schooler parents are saints.


KarateMommy said...

The library. Usually they have lots and lots of fun activites/shows/whatever for kids. it's been great so far :). Hopefully your library has some also?

EmAndTrev said...

LOL. Hey! I was going to say the library, but karatemommy beat me to it! What daughter is only two, but I've found that if I get her out of the house--anywhere where she can run around and be free-it turns out okay. Parks, jungle gyms, indoor play centers, cousin's houses, etc.


As much as I'd like to prance around with a shiny halo atop my head the truth is that homeschoolers aren't saints we just learn to block out 99% percent of the constant kid-created chaos around us.

My kids are getting older now which also makes things infinitely easier. Lauren and Stef are 12 and 13. They can cook, babysit, and do laundry. They're going to Girls Camp on Monday. This house may not survive their absence.


Buy some water guns at the Dollar Store and turn your big boys loose in the back yard.

We rent ALL our movies from the Library. (a nod to the commenters above me) I love it when we can get one of the movies and the book that coincides with it. For instance they had Your Mama Is A Llama movie/book a few weeks ago.

Stockpile toilet paper/paper towel tubes. We have 8 heinies a wipin around here so that's pretty easy. Boys love to make rockets and other stuff out of it. Cheap, easy craft when paired with aluminum foil.

We make our own PLay-Dough. I say WE but I mean----->Lauren. :) Anyway, even the older kids play with it and make stuff that they leave out to harden.

Rainy Days=Making a living room fortress with cushions and blankets.

I don't know about Oregon and the availability of pools but we spend a lot of time at ours.

Z. Marie said...

Definitely the library. Do you have museums nearby? Sometimes they do summer programs. And the pool, especially if it's nearby and other families hang out there.
I suppose you already do this given Plantboy's profession, but gardening worked when I was little. Fast-growing things are the best.

Dickey said...

I go to the dollar store and buy a ton of craft items (google eyes, feathers, popsicle sticks, etc.) Then I dig around my house and find more junk then put it all in a big container and they have fun creating the most amazing things.
Also because it is so hot here (if we are not at the pool) we spend alot of the day inside. I will have "mini stations" around the house for the kids to play with. For example writing letter to family and friends that live far away. Getting fun stickers, paper and markers to draw pictures and practice letter writing. Another one may be putting some objects in a big bucket of dry rice to make an indoor sand bucket...And of course (as the other gals mentioned forts and the library we could not survive without)
Oh by the way I am going to dig for that pic of your little guy to post sometime...I was wondering if I could put up his brand new baby photo as well. That is by far one of my favorite shots.