Thursday, November 13, 2008

Footloose and Fancy Free. And a Little Sick to my Stomach.

Plantboy is out of town again. Why is it that two nights away from hubby and I revert to bachelorette mode?

He has been gone about 24 hours, and I've accomplished quite a lot--mostly because I threatened to abolish story-time if I wasn't given help to clean up the house RIGHT NOW, LITTLE MISTERS. But I also realize that this 24 hours has been full of wastes as well:

I watched TV until nearly midnight, including the CMA's which would never have flown with Plantboy home. I flipped between that and another show I like, only to miss Keith Urban singing his new song, which was the main reason I was watching the CMA's to begin with. And no, Nem, his shirt was not unbuttoned to his navel even once. Does anyone else think Nicole Kidman isn't so much aging as she is turning into an alien? After the CMA's I spent an hour watching "Sahara," which is actually a pretty good movie, as far as that sort of thing goes. Which is more attractive? Matthew McConaughy without a shirt, or Steve Zahn being hilarious and needing a hat? If you said "Plantboy," you got the right answer.

Having missed The Keith, I then surfed the Internet until 1 a.m. hoping someone had posted footage from the show. No luck.

I read nearly 250 pages to finish my novel: Spindle's End. I love Robin McKinley, but this was a little obtuse for my fantasy-light taste. More along the lines of Rose Daughter than The Blue Sword. (If you've read McKinley, you'll know what I mean. If not, you MUST read Hero and the Crown and The Blue Sword.)

Corn dogs. Two. I ate two corn dogs for "dinner" last night. Even my kids won't eat corn dogs.

Not wanting to make my bed again, I slept on top of my covers with a blanket over the top. But only on half the bed. The other half is covered with junk from the emptied furniture I was supposed to spend some time refinishing today. Oh, and I took a nap.

Pizza. Homemadish, but still pizza.

After a morning of errands, I put on my flannel PJ bottoms for comfort during the housework; I also wore these for my nap. The Jedi Master getting home from school woke me up. The first words out of his mouth were, "Are you STILL in your pajamas?" I was a little defensive.

Dr. Pepper. Ooo! That reminds me--the other 20 ounces are still out in the car.

Chocolate. Of course. It's only 9:30, west coast time. Who wants to come hang out?


Suburban Hippie said...

sigh... that sounds like such a relaxing time. I always enjoy the first day or so that Simon is away and then I just miss him.

Doreen said...

Loved this post! The only thing missing is a girlfriend and a chick-flick... :p

chicagosapps said...

John doesn't travel enough for me to have any days like this. But when he went to Africa those two times, the kids ate chicken nuggets and pizza every day, and I ate soup (John doesn't like it). And meat. And stayed up late doing stupid things.

But I missed him after a week or so.

Janssen said...

I didn't love Spindle's End either. And thought I love Beauty, I still have not made my way to the Blue Sword or Hero and the Crown. Someday! I swear!

denedu said...

I have to admit I am jealous. Having David gone at school all day and then work at night I hardly see him, too, but at this moment my mouth is still in pain from going to the dentist yesterday that I can't even enjoy it. :( UG! Oh.....Dr.Pepper!!! How I love Diet Dr.Pepper! It's the only diet drink that doesn't have a funky aftertaste. My favorite of favorites! :) Can't forget chocolate, too. Yummy! :)

Christie said...

I love this post! Whee! What IS it about husbands going out of town that prompts us to stay up late? I'm a lot like you when Safety Man goes on a trip, which doesn't happen often. And your mention of Dr. Pepper has left me with serious cravings. Thanks. And about Nicole Kidman . . . she's getting ready to play a vampire in Eclipse. Hence the pale, pale skin. Oh, and she has a phobia of getting skin cancer. (Am making this up as it comes.) It was fun to read about your wild-and-crazy side today. Thanks for th lift!

EmAndTrev said...

LOL! I loooove this! I say the world is a better place because of chocolate, pizza, Dr. Pepper, and, of course, the freedom to wear pajamas all day. Good for you!!

kanaboke said...

Ditto to what Doreen said "fo' shua"! And, I am putting those books on my Library List!

CaLM RAPIDS said...

I love taking days off. I'm getting one on Tuesday. It's all being planned by the Hubby so I don't know exactly what we'll be doing, but I know it won't be laundry or running errands. I won't even sweep that day. Hanging out in jammies sounds good--no corn dogs, please.

Kimberly Bluestocking said...

Corn dogs are perversely appealing, though it's hard to say exactly how.

I'll take "Beauty" or "The Hero and the Crown" over "Rose Daughter" any day.

Sorry you missed The Keith. His song "Somebody Like You" is one of my favorites. The guitar solo rocks.