Saturday, November 01, 2008

We The People

At 8am on November first I should be posting pictures from our fun Halloween times last night, but Plantboy went out of town yesterday afternoon, and in my rush to make it to Tabula Rasa's Halloween Party I remembered everything but the camera. We had fun: the kids will just have to wear the same costumes next year to get the memories for posterity. Yeah, yeah, I can dress them up today, but October is so yesterday and I'm just not in the mood.

Instead, I'll turn to giving a PSA announcement. When I opened my email this morning, I answered a survey from my on-line bank, where I manage my tiny, but growing, savings accounts. (ING Direct, which I love by the way.) After the survey, they took me to this page. I like this idea of a grassroots "We the Savers" movement. Imagine that, our church leaders and grandparents have been telling us the truth all along about paying as we go.

Now, switching gears a bit, I was reading an article a couple of weeks ago about the history of the balloting system here in the United States. It was fascinating. I am continually amazed that our democracy has survived at all. My favorite part was the following paragraph:

"On Election Day this November, I’ll walk around the corner to vote in the basement gymnasium of a neighborhood elementary school, beneath a pair of basketball hoops. At a table just inside the gym, a precinct volunteer will hand me a piece of white paper about the size and weight of a file folder. I’ll enter a booth built on a frame of aluminum poles, tug shut behind me a red-white-and-blue striped curtain, and, with a black marker tied to a string, I’ll mark my ballot, awed, as always, by the gravity, the sovereignty, of the moment. With the stroke of a pen, we, mere citizens, become We the People."

A couple of weeks ago my mother-in-law and I had a conversation about voting. She talked about how there was sense of community solidarity about going and standing peaceably in line with people who would cast their ballots differently than yours. About standing shoulder to shoulder with men and women whose fundamental ideals of government and life disagree sharply with yours. And yet, there we stand, ready to make our voices heard, whatever we have to say. I think she is right, for all of the convenience I had of voting by mail earlier this week, there is something sacrificial and declaratory about standing at the polling place.

And America's greatness is that in January, whoever is elected, will assume the post of commander-in-chief with dignity and grace and a look to the future. Even in the year 2000, in the middle of great controversy and national division, even anger, all proceded according to the rule of law. Over the past several months, we have shared many opinions on our blogs. I feel like I have grown and learned much this year through the associations of intelligent, spiritual women. How can our nation be anything but blessed when such women are the next generation of mothers? Let us stand together on Tuesday, at least united in a desire to help shape a world in which our children can reach their potential. Vote. Please vote.


Janssen said...

I love ING direct too. Best bank ever.

Also, I voted, but we went at 7 am and there wasn't another soul there.

Elastic said...

I voted early last week and dragged my oldest along for the spectacle. We got there at the poll opening and found the line wrapped around the Library and it snaked around the sidewalk.....twice.

I LOVE the electronic voting machines! Oh, and the line moved pretty rapidly. According to talk radio the voter average was around 90 seconds from start to finish indicating a lot of straight ticket voters.

The Grahams said...

Sorry about no camera to the Halloween party. I'm sure they looked great. I think I barely touched on it in my last post about me getting emotional waiting in line to vote. It was for the exact reasons that you listed. I didn't anticipate the feeling, but it was moving. I'm ready for Wednesday and for the healing and uniting to begin.

Sunnie said...

i voted early. my first time voting actually. it felt good to participate. sad about no pics!