Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Christmas Haiku (Or Three: Vote For Your Favorite)

Chocolate and sweet bread
Neighbors bringing more and more
Time for throwing up

Wild joyful children
Gifts, house torn apart by lunch
Absolute meltdown

Peaceful morning hour
Lights twinkle on smooth parcels
Giving is the gift


Scully said...

I vote for #1, as I thought it was going one way and then you end with 'Time for throwing up.' Love it!

Z. Marie said...

I think I have to go with No. 3. Maybe because it's the calmest? I'm not sure.

denedu said...

My vote is for #3. Call it a Christmas miracle if you will, but the boys were well behaved, the house wasn't torn apart and even the food turned out great! :)

Christie said...

Aaah, the realities of Christmas! All three are great, but I like a happy ending, so I'm voting for #3.

Caitlin said...

One vote for "meltdown"!

Suburban Hippie said...

I am always torn between whether it is nice or mean to bring people goodies at Christmas. Am I the only one that feels pressured to eat them all... when they are gone I feel like "Check, that's done, now I can relax." Thank goodness my whole family was in town this year to eat it all up.

Kimberly Bluestocking said...

I vote for #3 as well. I'm still queasy from all the Christmas goodies I've eaten, so I'd rather focus on the calm ideal of Christmas than the hectic, overstuffed realities of it. Call me a wimp.

chosha said...

My vote's for 'meltdown'.