Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yankee Girl is My New BFF

You are all a bunch of duds. Only Desmama, with her less than a week old baby has a reasonable excuse. However, I will allow that the holidays have all of you much too busy to enter silly contests. You are too busy spending money to win free stuff I guess . . .

As if anybody cares at this point, here is my list of ten downloads that have each already been listened to ten times in the last couple of days:

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen: Bare Naked Ladies featuring Sarah McLachlan
I was always a little bit "meh" about this particular carol, but the way they have put together the rhythms and the harmony in this rendition has moved it quickly up to one of my favorites. It is fun, but not taken lightly at the same time. If you get what I mean. If you don't, please find a copy of this and listen to it. Go. Now. I'll wait. . . .

Baby It's Cold Outside: Lady Antebellum
I have loved this song ever since I heard Zoey Daschenel sing it on "Elf." (She has an awesome voice.) It is just so clever and funny and seductive all at once. The harmony of this country band is really great and the little bit of steel guitar in the background is a lot of fun.

Last Christmas: Taylor Swift
Yes, it is THAT song from the 80's. It was the first Christmas song I remember hearing that made me think, "Wait! Christmas songs don't actually have to have anything to do with Christmas?" When George Michael sings it, it is mostly cheesy and kind of pathetic, but Taylor Swift can really get away with it. Nobody does innocent teen angst better than Miss Swift.

A Baby Changes Everything: Faith Hill
The lyrics to this are so cool. All along the song is about how Mary's life is changed because of this unexpected teen pregnancy. But at the end, you realize that this baby changed everything for everyone. It is beautiful.

Take A Walk Through Bethlehem: Trisha Yearwood
I must admit, Trisha could sing the alphabet and I'd probably think it was awesome. I love so many parts of this song. "Every heart longs for more than tinsel, something more than just a holiday, come and celebrate the baby king, let's take a walk . . . "

There's a New Kid In Town: Trisha Yearwood.
Again, see the comment on the previous song. It has very beautiful lyrics about seeking out the king and asking everyone in town where he is. Queen Trisha can really do no wrong. (I won't even talk about how gypped she is every year when the best female vocalist award is announced. She beats them all into the ground, she just doesn't have the popularity. There is a difference between being able to sing and selling a bazillion albums.)

Do You Hear What I Hear?: Kristin Chenoweth
This woman sounds like an angel. I mean, what I assume angels sound like. I'm not trying to imply I've actually heard angels singing.

Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home): U2
C'mon, its Christmas, its U2, what's not to love?

All I Want For Christmas Is You: Mariah Carey
Not a big Mariah Carey fan. I just really don't care much for pop music. But in this song, she proves why she is a superstar. It is perfect. And none of that wailing in octaves only meant for dog ears.

Christmas Wrapping: The Waitresses
I love this song. It is really just hilarious. The premise would make a screenplay for a funny Christmas movie, I think. Hm . . . that is one more writing project idea that I'll probably never start.

Anyway, Yankee Girl chose two from the list, plus she put the U2 song on her blog playlist. Her last post was about how much she loved Kristin Chenoweth. So, obviously, I like country music better than she does, but with the her new playlist maybe she'll convert.


Slyck and Slim said...

I really was going to sit down and try to enter the contest, but I am lousy when it comes to knowing singers and titles of songs. I can't even hum that tune when someone asks how a song goes. I know, "Your'e a musician you say." Unfortunately, a musician that needs music. It was fun to get to know a little about you, though!

Janssen said...

That Bare Naked Ladies song is BRILLIANT - one of my favorites since my SIL gave me a copy of it a few years ago.

And I love "There's a New Kid in Town" although I haven't heard the version you mention. Off to find it on YouTube.

N.F. said...

The song by Kristen Chenoweth...she was in Wicked, right?

Caitlin said...

After burning 37 Chirstmas mix CD's for the YW, I had a brain full of titles and artists. I didn't even know where to begin! Zoey Deschenel is in a band called "Him and Her"and I like their music (so far). Maybe you already knew that though.

Scully said...

I love 'Christmas Wrapping' by The Waitresses! it was always on a regular rotation on 101.9 The End when I lived in Salt Lake. Good times. And I agree it would make an excellent screenplay. I always sort of equated the song with Colin Firth. No idea why. Also, I would highly recommend getting Kristin Chenowith's Christmas album. I love her voice and love her on Pushing Daisies. There is one song I don't love so much, but that is because I have never been a huge fan of those 'Happy Birthday, Jesus' sort of Christmas songs, if that makes sense.

Yankee Girl said...

I love your list and look forward to thinking about converting to country music.

Christie said...

Okay. True confession time. 1) I didn't enter the contest 'cause it required too much brain power. 2) I have this thing about getting CDs with copied songs on them -- unless you paid and copied them for both me and you. After writing a self-syndicate column I'm a bit anal about copyright laws. But I WILL be downloading many of the songs on your list for myself. So, I'm a winner too. (Right?)

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Good point Christie. iTunes allows you to make 7 copies of each song before paying for it again. As I didn't sell the CD to anybody, I think I'm okay? I don't know; it might be some gray area.

Genjunky said...

THanks for the song tips! I've enjoyed something refreshing and new!