Thursday, October 13, 2011

Brain Exploding. NOT literally.

I had this super-fantastic essay all worked out in my head this morning. Politics. September 11th. Wall Street protesters. Movie Review. The Lost Decade . . . it was awesome.

But it will have to wait. I'm going to have a complete breakdown today instead.Okay, not complete, there is too much to do. But certainly a partial breakdown. Trust me, I'm entitled. And being a Democrat I'm all about laying around and feeling entitled.


Cathy said...

If I only wrote down/ said 10% of the amazing things I think of in the middle of the night...and if that 10% was at least half as fantastic as I thought it was then...things I write/planned to say would be changing the world.

I hope your breakdown was fulfilling :)

Jenny said...

Your democrat comments makes me laugh.

(sort of)

Lisa P. said...

I laughed at the last sentence. :)

Sometimes a mini-breakdown is needed. Then you pick yourself back up and keep on keeping on.

Sorry you are carrying a big load and overwhelmed. One day at a time! Or hour...

Courtney said...

Have a happy breakdown!