Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's Not Political, I Promise!

But binders full of women? It is just such funny and bad phrasing. A slip, no doubt, but super funny. Will it have any outcome on the election? I hope not. I want people to vote on the issues they find the most relevant and important. I want voters to be truly informed and intelligent. But it was also really great to laugh. In a season when laughter has been sorely absent . . . yes, it was very good to laugh.

I hope you are registered to vote. We are so blessed to be free to vote as our conscience dictates without intervention from government or church. Even if you live in a non swing-state, or county, or neighborhood--whatever slivered precinct they say this election will come down to--please vote anyway. Just to declare yourself as a proud American. As a free American. And either way you vote, and either way the country goes, you will wake up a free American too. Let's not overlook America's great promise in the midst of so much rancor. Stand up and declare yourself and then work to make your corner of this great land happier, healthier and more peaceful.

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