Monday, May 13, 2013

A New Holiday!

The last week and a half has been wonderful. Between a trip home to visit my parents and walk at graduation, mother's day and my birthday, it has kind of been the Science Teacher Mommy Show. Some awesome presents, time to myself (better than presents), and some much-needed breaks from the routine have permeated the last ten days. I have written, read books, exercised, slept in and been to lunch with friends. I even bought a maxi dress, thanks very much, and it is super cute.

Today will, no doubt, be a hard return to reality. I've already done laundry this morning and prepped curriculum I'm volunteer teaching for the next few weeks. The rest of the day will be spent teaching (yeah, again, not paid teaching) and running kids around as well as prepping for a very busy week. 

I should also know today if our school district will be hiring this year. . . or more specifically, exactly what they will be hiring for. There are actually some promising leads. However, I have also come to terms with not being in the classroom regularly next year if that is what happens. I'm in a better place now than I was two months ago, and more at peace with my role as principal care-giver to the Jedi. I found out yesterday that there are changes in the wind regarding my calling as well; changes that will be a welcome sigh of relief after four years as a first counselor. 

Whatever else goes down, the next few weeks will likely be a very challenging and exciting time of change for me, and for our family. I'm waiting and watching and trying very hard to listen so that I might know what path to take next.

To quote "Kid President" quoting Robert Frost:

A Poem:

Two roads diverged in the woods
And I took the road less traveled
And it hurt man!
Not cool, Robert Frost!
If there really are two roads, I want to take the one that leads to awesome.

I guess it isn't quite the original, but I like it. The road less traveled can hurt. But I also think that all those trials can lead to awesome. 

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Melanie said...

Happy Birthday! Good to hear that you got some time to relax and rejuvenate. I just love the Kid President video.