Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Can Short Girls Wear Maxi Skirts?

I can't even think about maxi dresses. The tops of them are usually not friendly to busty gals like myself, and I'm not all about wearing a sweater and a scarf and safety pins just to keep myself from having a wardrobe malfunction. But the maxi skirts can be bunched at the top to help get the right length. And yes, before you ask, even the petite ones are usually too long. I know that it will probably come as a shock to you, but I'm just not that tall.

Because here is thing, yesterday on Facebook somebody had posted a chevron-print maxi skirt in an awesome coral color that I can't seem to get out of my head. Here are two in navy and they just look so stinking cute. A summer look and a winter look. But this girl is probably at least 5'7". Why else would they let her pose for a camera? And she just might be a size 2. So I might have more than one thing not in favor of the maxi skirt.

I'm not quite short enough to rock the look as well as these little ladies do. Look at that black-and-white girl's hair. And the roses on her tee-shirt. Honestly, it is a good thing I have boys because my daughters would look like total rag-a-muffs. The boys do too . . . but they can get away with it. Snips and snails and puppydog tails and all. 

 I also really love this next one. The color is divine and it flows so prettily. And who doesn't need an excuse to buy Tiffany Blue wedges? Again . . . even without the shoes this model is super tall. I think her waist would come up to about my elbows.

Somebody put this little darling up in her Etsy store. The chevron print is super cute in a short skirt too. And truthfully, this is a skirt cut that is pretty good for me. I might just have to settle for something a little shorter. Still the maxi skirt looks so cool and fresh and hip for summer. Isn't it funny? I used the word "maxi" in the same sentence as "fresh." Ewww. . . .

And speaking of Etsy. If you want to see some Chevron Maxi fails, that is the place to gather also. In case you were wondering, when I talked about really wanting a pair of Tiffany Blue Wedges, they were not these. Not only are they hideous with that "outfit," they also may have been made in the same factory they make Crocs. Why is she eating an apple. Like that? What is happening with the wall? Why did they put Christmas tree flocking over the stone? I can't even begin to expound on all that is wrong with this.

And while the chevron print might look fabulous shortened and turned into a straight skirt, it does NOT look good turned into tights.  I don't even think being 5'10" could make these all right:

So share your opinion. How should I spend my birthday money? Maxi skirt? I would get a shirt too, of course. This picture is another Etsy find. I have no explanation for the bamboo forest.


Kimberly Bluestocking said...

I don't really get the maxi skirt trend (I don't hate 'em, but I don't love 'em, either), but then I've never been particularly hip. Knowing me, I'll start to think they're kinda nice-looking about six months after they go out of style.

Shiree said...

My maxi skirt has a fold-over band that when unfolded, goes clear up to my armpits. I have to do a lot of folding and bunching to wear it. But it really is so comfy. I am just not sure how "hip" I look!

slocumnavigator said...

Like your post. I'm like you, generally too short for the maxi thing. But I DO think Chevron would look different.

Want to call your attention to something you said, that I think deserves a moment of notice. The thing about not having little girls because they'd look like ragamuffins, and that it's somehow ok for the boys, "because they can get away with it." Statements like that, and that belief in general is how things get so messed up for women AND MEN in society. It's the reason that girls at the gym are wearing lipstick and eyeliner and the men feel just fine looking like Bill the Cat. I'm just pointing it out because I have a little girl (and a little boy). And I now notice how often these expectations we place on them, get in their way. And why is it ok for men to run around looking schlumpy? That's my next question. Respect my landscape, and make some effort for pete's sake. That statement probably just came out of your mouth without you even noticing. You are probably a woman who is in favor of equality, etc. bla bla. But that's just it, these things just come out of our mouths. I do it too. But I'm thankful when people call me on it. Just thought I'd point it out.

Good luck with the Chevron skirt, I bet it will look great on you.