Sunday, September 15, 2013


Sorry, Sister Hale, the movie might just be better. I missed Jane's running commentary in her head and the chapters interspersed with old boyfriends, but I think no more than two minutes passed during the duration of the film when I didn't laugh right out loud. Well cast. Well played. Well done. Kudos to three Mormon girls for pulling this one off in a way that is hilarious, and at times risque without sinking to the level of raunchy that passes for the new funny. Here's to Jerusha, Shannon and yes, even you Stephenie. . . as well as the three awesome women I had my girl's night with.

I have got to get one of those I heart Darcy bookbags. 

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Shiree said...

I thought the book was kind of annoying but have heard great things from people that I like about the movie. I will have to plan a girl's night. Wish I could have gone with you!