Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Remembered Face

This picture showed up today on ldsnewsroom:

It is the ousted Labour Party Prime Minister getting her genealogy from the Church. This in itself was not super remarkable--the Church has done this for many different heads of state, though maybe never a female one.

What made me so happy about this picture is that the man on the right is named Anthony Parton. He is the president of the Wyndham Stake down in Melbourne, which organized the event. President Parton was once known to me as Elder Parton. He was one of the assistants to my mission president when I was a brand new missionary. 

I hear so much about people leaving. Today I rejoiced to see another stay. Thanks, Elder Parton, your faith strengthens mine again, even at a distance of 8,000 miles and 17 years.

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