Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Childhood Revisited? Yes, Please!

We babysat an adorable pair of twins on Valentine's night for some friends who very rarely get out. (Obviously.) We pulled all the trains out of the attic where they have been for nearly two years and made a massive train set that fills the living room. So, you know, a third of the house. Observations:

1.  Despite his protests to the contrary, the 12 year-old still loves the trains. Even the little boy Thomas trains very much. He has had a hard time relinquishing control of the play and seems to remember many of the stories from the videos that have been out of the house for years.

2.  My six-year old has decided he loves the trains. This delights my heart. By the time he was big enough to "play" with the brothers, they were doing Star Wars and he never really had that super sweet little child age.

3.  Trying to help three boys get along with a wooden train set is much more difficult than just letting one or two boys have at it. (See observation #1 about the bossy 12 year-old).

4. Five kids is A LOT. Especially when two of them are 20 month old twins. But oh, wow. They are so cute.  My arms are a feeble attempt to prevent disaster. I'm sure that little girl kept thinking, "Why is this strange lady hugging me so much?"

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