Friday, April 04, 2014

Embarrassing, But If You Click the Link You'll Understand

The embarrassing part is how long it has been since I have maintained this site. I just have to admit it: going back to work has been kicking my butt. 

I have kept up with Aspiring Mormon Women, and my piece there today will explain a lot about my absence here.

We did have a lovely spring break, however, up in the Puget Sound. I hope before the weekend is out to post pictures of our adventures in the hinterlands of the United States and to tell about some of our adventures there.

Conference is this weekend as well. No doubt the web will light up with many who have much to say--there will be voices angry about what wasn't said or done. There will be joyful voices restrain the perfection they find in every utterance. And there will be millions of members of the Church who feel caught somewhere in the spectrum between these two. I am sure that I will be one of them. And, because it seems that I can't quite help myself, no doubt I will have something to say too. 

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