Wednesday, April 23, 2014


We have decided to try and move forward with buying a house. We had one offer fall through. I don't think I really regret it, though, so it maybe wasn't THE ONE. I thought we might have found it this morning but it turns our that they accepted an offer just last night and failed to tell us. 

The truth is we probably won't find THE ONE. Because I can't afford that house. I think at best it will be a compromise (a yard big enough for Plantboy, but still not the 1/2 acre he would love; a house big enough and new enough for me, but still in need of lots of updates; and a neighborhood that may disrupt the ward or the schools for the boys but not both). I'm sure that puts me in the same boat as most people, but it is still pretty discouraging.

Talk about first-world problems.

I am mostly tenderhearted because my nephew is going to be getting his mission call today. Some of Plantboy's side of the family has been through this, but this is the first on my side. Elder Nephew was born the week I left on my mission. I didn't know my SIL had delivered until she showed up at the airport with her very new baby in tow. I don't think she'd even been home two days, bless her heart, after a horrific delivery my mother later told me they called a vaginal Cesarian. (If that doesn't make you want to never have a baby . . .)

Granted, he'll be one of those young missionaries because he won't even be 18 until August, but it still means that it was 18 years ago that I left as a missionary. How is that even possible? In any event, Elder Nephew's existence strangely bolstered me throughout my mission. The airport pictures were developed in my first area, when I had been out for several weeks. (C'mon . . . you remember developing pictures, don't you?) When I saw the pictures of my family at the airport I felt so powerful about the reason I had come to serve--to share with others the message of eternal families. This same picture sat in a frame on my study desk throughout my entire mission. It gave me courage on the days I needed it. Which, admittedly, was often. Missions are hard. But if it was easy everyone would do it. 

Maybe he will be blessed above all measure and be called to Oz!! The big reveal is set for 8 pm tonight. And though the ritual has been enacted tens of thousands of times, it is always special.

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Kimberly Bluestocking said...

Aww. You were a cute missionary. :)

Yeah - first world problems. I rarely complain for long about anything before I remember that my family and I could be starving in a war zone somewhere. Puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

Still, I hope you find a home you love. Hope I do, too, someday. My husband will (probably) finally earn his PhD this summer, then we may finally move out of this apartment. Or not.

I'd love to have a home of my own with a yard, and I may get one in a few months, depending on what job my husband gets. I'm also bracing myself for the fact that I may never have a yard until I get a mansion in heaven. :)