Monday, May 07, 2007


Three Things I’m Really Looking Forward To:

1. Plantboy getting a job (hopefully I'll be able to report on this in my next post).
2. Moving into an actual house.
3 Having a baby (due in just TWO short weeks) and summer vacation--this is all wrapped up into one for me.

Three Books That Made Me Laugh Out Loud:
1. Eats, Shoots and Leaves
2. Confessions of a Shopaholic
3. Cold Sassy Tree (It made me cry too. GREAT read.)

Three Things I'm Afraid Of:
1. Global Warming (C'mon! Have you seen that commercial with the train? And the adorable little girl on the tracks? It is completely terrible. What about the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth." The science is very convincing.)
2. UFO Sightings (Four words: "Fire in the Sky." It is a creepy beyond all reason based-on-a-true story UFO movie. We knew a guy in Texas who knew the guys the events actually happened to in Snowflake Arizona. ALL members. Explain that!)
3. Hubby dying while my kids are young/miscarriage

Three Things I Love:
Okay, everyone will put family first on this list, but these should be three unique things about me, right?
1. Reading, especially on a rainy day or in the bathtub
2. Writing anything and getting letters back from people I've written too.
3. Washing my hair with Paul Mitchell's tea tree shampoo. Or even better, having somebody else wash with this stuff. And yes, if you use your imagination here, that is when it is REALLY the best. I could also include pedicures under this category. Pampering now and then is really great.

Three Things I Really Don't Love:
1. Doing dishes by hand. I've been without a dishwasher for 18 months and I hope it is something I never take for granted again.
2. Mushrooms. It is a fungus for crying out loud.
3. Labor. The first six weeks post-partum and the obligatory conjugal visit after the doctor says, "Good to go!" Starting nursing. Truthfully, I don't much like motherhood until about 3 months. So if you don't want to check back all summer it might not be a bad idea.

Three Things I Don’t Understand:
1. How computers work, or anything electronic really. And the wireless internet thing! That just blows my mind.
2. People that think they are being nice to their kids when they don't give them parameters and discipline.
3. How an egg and sperm is smart enough to grow into a human.

Three Things On My Desk:
1. Some papers that have been there for some time that I KNOW I will eventually need.
2. Pictures of my kids.
3. My lunch; that isn't just this minute. I've generally got something to eat or drink hanging around.

Three Projects I'm Currently Working On:
1. I have two chapters to finish in a fantasy novel, but I have serious writer's block.
2. Growing a baby; I don't have to think about it much, but it sure takes a lot of effort.
3. Two scrapbooks--a family one and the Poopy Pirate's.

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
1. Speak Spanish
2. Travel. Now that is pretty nebulous, but it would take more pages than we have here to list all the places I'd like to see.
3. Go on a mission with Plantboy

Three Things I Can Do:
I really hate these talent questions. I've never really had the kind of talents that are easy to list.
1. Teaching (except for how a computer works).
2. Write. Although the jury is still out on how talented I really am in this area.
3. My scrapbooks are nice, it is kind of an artistic outlet for me. Still, it seems a bit cheeseball to add this to list. Like I'm one of those Mollys with the big eighties hair and the appliques on my sweaters.

Three Things I Can't Do:
1. Hide my feelings diplomatically. I'm getting better at this, mostly by avoiding people who really annoy me, but I don't have to bite my tongue as often as I used to.
2. Stop myself from making comments in church. I'm actually working really hard on this because sometimes I think I am one of "those" people. You know who I mean, "Can't she just shut up? She wasn't asked to teach the lesson!"
3. Consistently keep a clean house or decorate very well. So even when the house is clean it is like, "This is it?"

Three Recently Discovered Musical Groups I Think You Should Listen To:
1. I love this new song called, "I'll Follow You into the Dark" which I think is by Death Cab for Cutie. There is a line in it that says, "If there's no one to join you when your soul embarks . . . "
I love this idea of embarking instead of departing or dying.
2. Keith Urban. I don't generally like country music, but there are a few singers I never miss. He is my new favorite.
3. How about old standbyes? Midnight Oil. U2. Matchbox 20. Journey. Eagles.

Three Things I've Done Which Were Stupid and Which You Probably Shouldn't Attempt:
1. Breaking an engagement. Wait, actually in this case the stupid thing was getting engaged to that guy in the first place. So dating the wrong guy is the stupid thing.
2. Attempting to open a bottle cap with my teeth. Yeah, I'm a rocket scientist.
3. Going in a strange man's house in the projects to teach the gospel. Let's just say that sometimes the Lord protects us even when we are disobedient, ignore the Spirit and are just downright stupid.

Three Favorite Foods:
1. Frijoles a la charra or tamales (I learned to make both of these while living in the Lone Star State. They are both so good it is hard to choose. The beans are best in real tortillas, the kind you cook and the tamales have to be steamed in real corn husks!)
2. Turkey steak cooked in homemade pesto with cream cheese-rosemary-parmesan mashed potatoes.
3. A homemade chicken pot pie in a real pie crust.

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid:
1. Sesame Street (that is why I'm such a liberal)
2. Mr. Rogers (this is why I'm such a geek)
3. The Cosby Show (I'm not sure what this says about me, but I love it.)

Three Shows I Watch Now:
1. Lost. I've seen every episode. It is kind of a religious experience at my house.
2. Shark (sometimes CSI too, but I've been missing it more and more lately)
3. And re-runs I love to watch--Wings, News Radio, Seinfeld and Dharma and Greg

Three People who Shaped Who I Am (I added this one--I'm curious about what people will say):
1. Mission President
2. Two different friends from high school--one for good, one for less than good, though I am mostly over that now.
3. My mother

Three People I'm Tagging:
2. forecast calls for rain
3. belly acre farm


Christie said...

You are a kick in the pants! No wonder I like you. Not only are we a lot alike, but you're open and honest. I really appreciate people who don't try to over edit themselves. 'Cause from what I can tell, people who do over-edit expect you to do it to. Phooey, I say. Other people's expectations SUCK!

Good luck with school, baby, hubby's job, potential move . . . and the totally understandable meltdown that it may bring about. Call me. We can get together and listen to tribal music. Or cry. I understand that post-partem is a great time for crying. My post-partem crying is going on 8 years now. Gotta tissue?

scienceteachermommy said...

Thanks for the reply belly acre. Now it is your turn. You can cut and paste the questions right into your new post page and just delete my answers.

When I was 3 days post partum with my first he had to be hospitalized for a very high fever (complete with spinal tap). While I was in the hospital with him, Plantboy bought me a CD called Oceania that is a mix of modern and tribal Maori music. It really helped me through that time.

Desmama said...

I loved reading your answers. I feel like you're a much more interesting person than I am. Plus, I loved the added question at the end. I might morph it into a blog post or something. Since I have so many good ideas for those these days.

I hope you have your baby soon. Go easy on yourself post-partum. I'll bring you a ton of that bread if you want. Heck, we live across the street from the hospital.

forecast calls for rain said...

I should have replied to your email but here I am. Congrats on the job!! It seems like you'll love Oregon. I can't wait to see baby pics and here about the Oregon life.

Anonymous said...

hi there: thanks for stopping by my blog tonight. hello. i so enjoyed reading this post and some of the other things of yours, too. i can relate to you really. i did this 3 things meme on 10apr if you want to read it. i also think the word "embark" is cool and i used it in a poem of mine (posted on my 13apr post). ~take care, kathleen :)