Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Too Much Information

Still no baby. Tomorrow puts me six days overdue my earliest estimated due date. I always said I thought I'd be closer to June than the doctor told me, but the reality of it is miserable.

And yes, I know all the tricks for starting labor. My sister yesterday told me what she did to get herself going a week early with her 2nd baby. Lets just say that the title of this blog is very appropriate. Now I will give you all too much information. Tomorrow the doctor is going to STRIP MY MEMBRANES. Okay, I have heard that this hurts like the devil. My own doctor says it only has a 30% success rate. I can hardly wait.

So I guess I am not so much looking for advice as for some fellow commiseration. Does anybody else go this far overdue?????????????


Desmama said...

I was six days overdue with TinyDes last June. When I heard that my friend who was due after me had had her baby, I went to the doctor and scheduled a C for the next day. No joke.

Desmama said...

Oh, and when I was born, I was due on Oct. 26 and came on November 10. Yep, that's fifteen days. I don't think you'll go that long, but my mom went into labor the evening when the doctor stripped her membranes. So. It might do the trick.

Oh, also, I've read studies recently that say that, um, well, semen is not the prostaglandin that may have been previously believed. Sorry. I'm sure you're crushed, since there's nothing that an overdue-pregnant woman loves to do more.

scienceteachermommy said...

I think it is supposed to be the hormone rush that love making gives also. The problem is that I'm sure a male doctor wrote the study equating contractions to orgasms.

I can't believe on your second Cesarian you were even going to WAIT for labor. Hadn't you already decided to have a second C-Section?

My brother was due September 4 and born October 3. I was supposed to be born in April and came for a late mother's day present. This must be genetic!!!!!!!!!!!!

Desmama said...

Yeah, I was trying for a VBAC. Trying. I was surprised that when we finally decided to do a C how disappointed I was. I'll never have a "typical" birth experience--ever. After two C's, obviously that's the route you take. It was a tough decision--I knew there were risks in waiting too long that could've put me on the operating table anyway, so I figured I'd rather not take them. I'm still trying to sort through my feelings on that one. There's no going back and figuring out what might've happened had I waited longer.

I can't believe you and your brother were both so late. I think, though, that back "in the day" due dates were not as accurate as they can be now since ultrasounds were not routine.

Big Bellied Momma said...

i've never gone that far over and i definitely don't want to this time around. i'm sorry for you! hang in there- i've been wondering if the baby was here yet. we have less than 4 weeks to go and i do not want to go over!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Want to go into labour fast? Here's what you do:
Mess up your entire home and make sure that nothing is ready for you to go and have a baby. The moment you complete that task, active labour will kick in, guaranteed.

1tiredmama said...

I was 10 days over with Ethan. It was horrible. Not only was I so uncomfortable those last few weeks but when they finally induced me, he was 9 lbs 10 oz. I made sure that my Dr. with Emily would atleast induce me on my due date if not earlier. I couldn't sit comfortably for months after Ethan was born. Good luck. Hopefully things happen soon!

amyjane said...

I too went exactly one week over and then grabbed my OB's tie and threatened his life if he didn't induce me. Totally sucked. I felt bad for the kids in my 6th grade class too. Mean teacher!
Also, my OB did strip my membranes...three times! It totally hurt for a few hours and then went away and did nothing to start labor. So, I have no good feelings about that.
Good luck. My mom just keep saying "Babies come out. Babies always come out." It helped. Sometimes.