Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Butter, Not Smallpox

Aren't kids cute? BabyPete is starting to take on a personality of his own and is always happy when being smiled at. He is quick to respond with his own grins and goos and it is so cute. Oh, and Mancub thinks we should call BabyPete Captain Tootypants. So he has a new name.

The Poopy Pirate said to me with a grin the other day, "You the grumpiest mommy I ever had." I am sure he is just repeating something he has heard from his older brother; I've noticed that he sometimes talks better than he understands. Or maybe he did mean it. It was still funny.

But Mancub (who is calling himself Scallywag Plankwalker these days--if you haven't noticed we are way into pirates around here) takes the cake. In the last week, two VERY funny things have happened.

The other day he wanted to watch "Polar Express." One of his favorites. Now, we've never pushed the Santa thing, we just let it evolve kind of naturally. Last Christmas he got really into Santa and the presents. Well, near the end of Polar Express they all get to the North Pole and meet Santa. Scallywag starts asking questions,

"How do those Reindeer fly?"

"Why doesn't the sled tip over with all those presents?"

"How come he didn't hear the bell?"

I've kind of got my mouth open finding myself in the middle of a conversation I didn't expect to have for a few years with a boy who is very interested in how EXACTLY things work. Before I can answer any of his questions he shrugs and says, "I don't know if I believe in Santa, but I believe in presents." Nothing like getting right to the heart of the matter.

But the best was last week at my parents' house. We found a model that my older brother got in the late 70's called Fort Apache. The pictures offer a far better description than anything I could hope to give. Anyway, Scallywag has found it and likes to set it up and play with the cowboys and Indians. This toy has been a little tricky for Mommy to explain. After all, I was raised with a revisionist idea of history not available to my brother in the late 70's.

One of the little accessries with the set is a butter churn. The butter churn is the same size as the little action figures and Scallywag is fascinated with it. Anyway, we get it all set up last week and Scallywag tells me that the cowboys and Indians are fighting.

"Can't they get along?"

"No, Mommy, they can't."

"Why not?"

"Because the Indians need some butter and the cowboys have it all. And they won't share. The Indians have been needing some butter for weeks!"

"And why do they need butter?"

"For their corn muffins. The Indians have all the corn and they want butter for their muffins."


Anyway, I was grateful to have the facts straight. It was perfectly clear to me why the soldiers and Indians couldn't get along. I too love butter. It seems hopeless.


Girly Momma said...

okay that last story is so funny- i was laughing! it all makes perfect sense now. if only all of life's conflicts could be solved with just a little more butter.

scienceteachermommy said...

And homemade raspberry freezer jam.

Kimberly Bluestocking: said...

Or perhaps some Nutella.

on.the.run said...