Sunday, September 14, 2008

Check It Out

Here is the link for my new blog. I had hoped to call it myfiction. or hopefulwriter., but these were both taken. The one that was NOT taken however was fictionforfree.blogspot. So, happy reading. It won't cost you a dime.

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Christie said...

I'm going to be checking in on your fiction blog. The guy that writes Chickens Don't Have Armpits also writes fiction and has posted readings. That's another idea for you. Go girl. I'm with Plantboy -- you have nothing to lose! When I was self-syndicating my newspaper column I'd get over 150 rejections for every paper that said yes. So get going on those rejections!

One more thing, as long as we're talking publishing ... You never know when something you wrote will find an audience. The Chicken Soup for the Soul people are going to publish a resolution column I wrote in their book that comes out in December. I wrote that column over 8 years ago.