Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Wicked Dilemma

So . . . I need some advice.

Do I buy season tickets in order to be guaranteed tickets to Wicked next spring?

Here are the facts:

* The run of the show is about two weeks, with two performances held for season ticket holders.

* I have never seen Wicked.

* The other two performances in the package are Legally Blonde and The Color Purple--both musicals.

* I can't just buy ONE set of season tickets, but have to spring for both. (Plantboy needs some culture.)

* Even mediocre seats average about $50/show for the series. You do the math. (And NO, you were not told that there would be no math.) I know it sounds like I must be independently wealthy to be even contemplating this, but it is not the case. (I'll probably put it on credit card and hope to sell a novel before then . . . or maybe I'll raid the boys' mission fund. Are you picking up on my sarcasm? 'Cause I'm layin' it on pretty thick.)

* Our population center is pretty small, and the show is running this spring for a few weeks in the largest city near us, so we may not get a lot of traffic from other areas to our smallish venue.

* I am not willing to sell my first (or second or third) born child to get tickets otherwise. Okay, scratch that last. It really depends on the day. In a moment of weakness, perhaps. . . .

Please weigh in here.

Also, YANKEE GIRL is the winner of the Star Wars contest from May 4th. Send me your physical address, Yankee Girl, and I will send you your prize. I will not stalk you or add you to my junk mail list. Promise.


AmyJane said...

I loved seeing Wicked--we went in LA a couple of years ago in the cheap seats. I've also seen The Color Purple and enjoyed it. Legally Blonde....a musical. Hmmmm. Well, for the other two it might be worth it! Good luck deciding!
Last summer, right after we moved here Wicked was still in Seattle, and we seriously contemplated going. However, on the heels of a move, it WOULD have ended up on a credit card and better sense prevailed. But, I did love it enough to pay to see it again!

Melanie said...

Hmm, sounds like the other two shows aren't really must sees for you. It also sounds like - with a two week run - there might not be a TON of interest in your small area. So I'd say your chances of getting a ticket without having to take on the expense of season tickets, is pretty good. And if not, why not use that money to travel to a fun place where the show is playing a make a vacation out of it?

Brian and Courtni said...

I have seen Wicked once, and if I knew it was coming and if I didn't know for sure that I would be able to get tickets, I would splurge just to ensure Wicked tickets to see it again...yes, it is that good. (Then again, I am a major musical/broadway freak and would be happy seeing the other two as well.)

One thought...if you don't want to see the other ones, is there a way you could sell those tickets?

good luck with the dilemma.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Actually, as far as the other two shows go, I would really love to see "The Color Purple" and I actually liked the Legally Blonde musical--I can see its cheesiness translating well to the musical stage.

But I really like your thinking Melanie. I'm sure I could do a weekend in San Diego, with a flight, for $300.

Christie said...

I saw Wicked in Denver last November. Which was cheaper than buying tickets for a SLC performance. Maybe flying to Denver might be cheaper for you too. Just a thought. (And it was a fabulous production!)

Jenny said...

It's the home of Wicked.
And I'd even meet you there.

Caitlin said...

I am a total nerd and I saw Wicked 5 times while it was in LA. OK- I was slightly obsessed because the lead was a coworker of mine at Disneyland (I didn't know her personally or anything) BUT- it was so good. Very "girl power" in a non-Spice Girls way. What little I know about Legally Blonde is the song that takes the Lord's name in vain possibly 60 times. Just FYI. Do you really think it will sell out? If you do, it is worth getting the season tickets.

Miranda J said...

I have to agree with Jenny. You must see Wicked. And New York would be ideal. I'd meet you and Jenny there. How fun would that be?


Rainie said...

I LOVE Wicked, it definately is a favorite. I haven't seen the other two but I love any musical and I'm sure you would to. I'm sure you could get tickets to some show, (weekday matinee sort of thing) but I don't think you'd regret having the security of a nice ticket in your hand. Staying out of debt is overrated anyway, just put it on the card:)Some sarcasm of my own:)