Thursday, June 24, 2010

Now I REALLY Care What You Think

What a lovely, meaningful set of comments that came up from that last post. I still feel like I have a lot to chew on there. Mostly I feel extremely grateful to know such wonderful women.

And now on to shallower matters.

Five years ago I got my last super short hair cut. I mean SUPER short. Because of my new baby, I'd even let my stylist cut off my characteristic Meg Ryan-flip from the back. When she sheared me, she also tweaked my dirty-blonde hair to strawberry. It was very cute, but as it began growing out I decided it was time for a change. We were going through some major transitions just then--a big move, I was starting a new job, a husband back in college and, as mentioned, a new baby. The drier climate change from Texas to Utah made me think it was time to stop cutting my hair every time I remotely resembled Mos Eisley Luke:

"But Uncle Owen, I was supposed to go into Tashy Station to pick up some power converters!"

And so it began. My hair is now longer than it has been for many years. Perhaps high school? But I'm just tired of the hassle. When I was working full time it wasn't too bad--I woke up earlier than everyone anyway, I needed to look professional, and Utah's dry climate meant that I only needed to spend serious time to straighten it once each week.

Fast forward to 2010 and one of the wettest Mays on record in our fair city. I feel like it has been raining and/or humid for six months. I've been fighting my locks all that time. I get about one really good day in five or six. I kept saying I would wait until after summer before making the decision--thinking that when our rainy season stopped it would be better. However, the heat causes me to just want to have my Hermione-like mop in braids or up every day, which seriously compounds the straightening problem.

Oh, and trust me: NOT straightening is not an option. Remember? Her-mi-o-ne.

Two words: CREAM RINSE

So here is where I am deeply interested about your opinion. I've found a bunch of haircuts, and I have a call in to the stylist I would trust with . . . . well . . . . my LIFE . . . . and it is time. Oh, and thanks to inspiration from JennyMac, I've got enough for Locks For Love, or at least the Pantene counterpart that only wants eight inches instead of ten. It probably depends on the haircut I choose. Or you choose. After all, some of you have to look at me as often as I look at myself.

#1: Maybe I just like that she is Asian. She has such lovely eyes. Maybe I would look a little more Asian with this hair cut? Actually, this is pretty similar to what I have but several inches shorter.

#2: This was Meg Ryan's transition-do between I'm-adorable-in-You've-Got-Mail, and now-I-just-look-like-a-lioness-with-weird-lips. I put both of these here, because I do pretty well with the center part thing and I could potentially get away with curls OR straight. I already know my hair texture must be similar to hers because I really did wear my hair a lot like hers through the late 90's.

#3: I'm not sure if I'm anorexic enough to pull off the next one:

#4: I think I like this one for her Pat Benatar style make up.

#5: The problem with this haircut is that to best pull it off, I would apparently have to show off half my chest. I'm not sure I could get comfortable with that. Maybe it is her glasses I like?

#6 I used to watch this chick on Days of Our Lives in College. I think the only thing that is aging is her lips. They are expanding as surely as the universe is. Still, I love these sloppy, choppy layers. Very summer. This is the very shortest I'd be willing to go.

#7: I might be too smart to pull this one off.

#8: I always liked this Jennifer Anniston circa Friends hair-do, but it seems like a lot of work: round brushing, velcro rollers, straightening, products, etc. etc.

#9 Again, pretty similar to what I have now, and her color is a lot closer to mine, so it is good to see what t might look like without going platinum. I wouldn't be able to pull off quite this much length for several months, but the layers would be good for how much hair I've got to take off.

#10 Dark roots aside, I think this haircut is just adorable. I love the long, choppy bobbed layers, and her bangs are just so cute. Hm . . . . .

#11 This one I really love too, though I think she must have pretty thin hair? I also don't know how she gets the bangs to look so piece-y. Lots of gunk? I really like the length of the fringe, too. Super cute.

#12 Similar to the previous two, only with the sex kitten face. What is up with that? And are white tank tops EVER anything less than slutty if you are say, over eight years old?

List your favorites. I will take a running poll, and take your favorites under advisement. Look for the report back here in a few weeks. And to give incentive for your opinions, I will run a contest until haircut time for anyone who expresses an opinion--even if all you leave is a single number. Maybe a gift certificate for Biolage liters or something . . . .


Desmama said...

I love #10. I actually really like all of them and I'm going to use some of these pix the next time I go to the stylist, but I think for you #10 would look really darling.

Janssen said...

#5 and #7.

Also, have you looked through the archives at Hair Thursday? You can search by texture, color, or length and get a lot of photos of possibilities. I got my hair cut last week and sent one of the pictures to my hairdresser (by which I mean the girl in my ward who charged me $15, but hairdresser sounds better).

Scully said...

Chin-length shaggy bobs seem to dominate the list in various incarnations, so maybe you have already made up your mind? As someone who has a pretty standard 3-year chop & grow cycle, the chin-length shaggy bob is a great way to go. If you decide you want it longer (isn't 'lob' the worst name for a hairstyle ever?) it only takes a bit of time, but it could also inspire you to go shorter the next time around. Also, head to InStyle where you can upload a picture of yourself and virtually try on lots of hair styles. It isn't perfect and sometimes it is hilarious because the angles of the photos they take the styles from make them so wrong for your photo, but it might help with your decision-making process. Just make sure it is a picture of yourself that you like, otherwise you'll hate everything. Good luck!

Yankee Girl said...

#10 I love the choppy layers.

I have a horrible haircut right now that I am growing out in order to rectify--maybe I'll rectify it with this one.

文群文群 said...
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Kimberly Bluestocking said...

I like #2 or #9, but I think that says more about my conservative taste than what you would like and/or what would look good on you.

A lot of the choppy bobs seem like they would look best on blonde waifs wearing lots of make-up, but that doesn't really seem like your style. However, I've never seen you in person and if there's a trendy center of the universe I'm on the planet it's farthest from, so take my opinion with an enormous grain of salt.

emandtrev said...

I really love 5 and 10. I think these would be awesome but probably manageable cuts? Don't trust me completely on that, though. I'm so not an expert! I like 12 or 4, next best, if you're feeling more edgy/daring.

Desmama said...

Don't listen to Emily. She is an expert, as her hair is something I can only hope to have in the next life, however hard I try in this one. Take her suggestions (and I must note that I am absurdly flattered that she likes #10 like I do) and run with them.

kanaboke said...

#10! There really is a lot you could do with that hairstyle besides just the way Kristin C. is wearing it in the photo! Your cute face would work with any of those cuts though...even Luke's..hahahaha!

emandtrev said...

LOL! Desmama, you just made my day! Thanks for that!

STM, can I be your Facebook friend? I've tried searching for you, but with about a billion or so users, I'm still not quite up to speed on what I'm doing. :)