Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Wishes

I am looking forward to a lot of things this summer. School doesn't even let out until next week, but we are already facing a calendar (almost) full of wonderful plans. The days in between will have plenty of time for relaxing, running through sprinklers, play groups, reading, gardening, writing and just generally soaking up the sun.

If the sun ever comes out, that is. We've had just a few sunny days in the last six weeks. The weatherman, however, has forecasted the next week and a half to be full of blue skies and NO RAIN. Oh, I hope so.

Next week will bring a day at the coast and a special out-to-dinner to celebrate the end of school. We have playdates, a birthday party and a couple of barbecues to round out June.

The first two weeks of July will mean a trip to Utah and a much-anticipated family reunion, with Plantboy's entire family in attendance. (Every two years his parents and eight siblings have reunion, though it has been a long time since everyone has been able to gather.) After the reunion, Plantboy has to come back home, but I will stay on longer with the kids. We "plan" to swim, visit old friends, have a barbecue, take a ride in Grandpa's boat and whatever else comes up. The thing to which I'm most looking forward is an invite to Desmama's book group, wherein I hope to meet a couple of bloggy buddies for "real." I cannot imagine any group of women I'd prefer to discuss Jane Eyre with. The Bronte girls excepted, of course. (Oh, yes, you want to stop and check out that link.)

When we get back from Utah, Jedi Knight has a week of Cub Scout Camp. The shuttling and volunteering might be a bit of a pain for mom, but he is so excited that his enthusiasm has actually rubbed off on me a bit. We love Cub Scouts around here. No doubt there will Pinewood Derby pictures posted here next.

In August we have a couple of weeks of swimming lessons. The pool has an open time for young families (only their small pools are open) that overlaps our swimming time, so we will probably be down there for a good chunk of every day. Late August should lead us back to the coast, at least once, and on a camping trip or two.

Somewhere along the way I hope to get another manuscript "finished." At least finished to the point where I am ready for a couple of friends to view it. I hope to spend the fall doing heavy re-writing on as many as three manuscripts with the goal to submit all three before the end of the year.

What are you looking forward to? Let's anticipate together and then share memories come September.


Yankee Girl said...

We must have your rain for the next week.

I'm anticipating reading a lot of books, maybe doing a little writing of my own, and hopefully a trip to Cedar City.

Jenny said...

Ahhhh, summer!!

I'm anticipating an open schedule--impromptu days at the beach, drives up the coast, hikes and picnics. I do love the feeling of being on vacation even just at home!

PS. Nothing I love better than to meet a great "bloggy" friend in real life!! Enjoy~

Janssen said...

This week, I am SO looking forward to not being pregnant anymore.

mckinney said...

After a storm comes a calm...................................................

Cathy said...

We just got back from Banff. It rained on us :)

We still had some fabulous hiking--well, as good as it gets with 3 kids 5 and under. Even the kidlets did pretty well. I think the rain may have kept us from overdoing it.

The mountains were gorgeous and oddly reminiscent of Provo Canyon in parts. Upthrust rock with "folds" in it. A waterfall named "Bridal Veil Falls". Sundance Canyon.

Southern CA in a week and a half for my little sister's wedding. Maybe I'll get to see KimBlue. NM afterwards for more house hunting.

July my husband goes to Las Vegas. Kids and I do not. I don't like Vegas at the best of times. Mid summer is not the best of times.

Family reunion in Lake Tahoe NV in August. I hope we've moved before that! I am tired of being a suburbanite.

Kimberly Bluestocking said...

Since my kids aren't in school yet, summer doesn't feel very different to me. Just hotter.

We'll probably go to my parents' cabin a few times, and maybe we'll finally get around to taking the kids for a short hike.

Oh yeah, and my son starts nursery in a few weeks. Yessss!