Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Heart Utah

In the middle of my second year at USU, I interned for the Utah State Legislature. (I have always balked a little bit about saying I was an "intern" since the whole Monical Lewinsky thing. I wasn't THAT kind of intern.) Details from my time in the trenches will be in a forthcoming post about non-career jobs, but I just wanted to link you to this little tidbit from the 2008 Legislative Session, which opened this week.

The link is to an official site, and the friend who forwarded it is pretty sure the bill is legit.

So, what should the name of our 51st state be?

And will it be a clean cut, or will they break it up by county so the bottom of Utah is all jaggedy?

Where would the 51st star on the flag go?

State capital?

State monument?

State animal?

State flag?

First governor? First ladies?


Yankee Girl said...

First ladies--hahahahah.

Three's Company said...

Now *that* is interesting. I totally cracked up at the "first ladies" comment. said...

Another UTAH!?

Science Teacher Mommy said...

I know. I know. One is ample.