Friday, January 11, 2008

Words Overheard At My House This Week

Bork bork bork.

Bwah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Scallywag when he is laughing, Pirate when he is tantruming, and Tootypants when he is trying to get everyone's attention--his face turns purple when he does it.)


Banana ___________

(Scallywag has decided that banana is his favorite funny word and Pirate has figured out that Mommy gets a lot less angry about "naughty" words if they start with "banana," because it means they are just being silly. I swear, the Poopy Pirate has Tourette's Syndrome. Besides his love of naughty words, often under his breath, he has a real OCD thing going--shuts doors and drawers like a man possessed, and he cannot tolerate even a crumb of dirt on his clothes or hands.)


Kimberly Bluestocking said...

The banana + naughty word thing is funny. My baby's getting to the age where we need to be careful what we laugh at, lest we send the message that spewing vegetables about is the way to make friends and influence people. said...

He sounds like someone I would get along with really well...

Doreen said...

What is it with kids and potty talk, anyway? I tell them they can do it in the bathroom if they feel so inclined. :p