Wednesday, February 17, 2010

28 Days of L-O-V-E

Day 15

I love tax return time. It is true that we bought boring grown up stuff with our return this year-- a freezer and a house re-fi, but I also got to buy a plane ticket to visit my mom and sister at the end of April in Utah. We will also be attending Women's Conference at BYU. Rounding out this year's purchases is that I finally am going to get this framed.

No, in case you were wondering, it is NOT the original. It is just a print I bought a couple of years ago at the National Gallery. And while it might be a bit gauche to spend good money to frame a poster, it is better than leaving my walls bare because I can't afford actual art. And, oh, how I love this painting. The original is more concrete than a lot of Monet's work and has held me spellbind the two times I've been to the National Gallery.

Day 16

I love the Young Women program in the Church. No, I don't love that we never seem to have enough people to run our programs, but we do it anyway. I don't love being away from my family (sometimes) three nights in a week. I don't love continually re-living the drama of my own teenage years. But what I do love is how hard we work to teach girls principles to live by as much as commandments. I love what the program does for girls who make even the barest effort to let it touch their lives. I love the women that the program churns out. As I've started to see these girls as my one-day sisters in the Church, I've been amazed at how my love for them has grown. And unlike "real" daughters, I get to send these adorable and moody bags of hormones home to their mothers each night.

Day 17

I love blogging, but I do NOT love blogging every day. Have you noticed? In fact, I feel the need to re-focus on some other aspects of my life and am thinking I will probably give up blogging for Lent. But as I'm not giving up Mormonism for Lent also, I feel totally within my rights to fudge my own definition of "Lent." The Catholic holiday started this week, but I am going to observe for the month of March, up until Easter. (About five weeks.) I like the idea of finding ways to cleanse and purify yourself in preparation for this most important of all Christian religious holidays. I think it is time to remind myself that I once understood self-discipline much better than I do now.


Jenny said...

Oooh. I especially like day 17.
I like the idea of cleansing and purifying in all forms.
I have always been a silent observer/admirer of Ash Wednesday.
Not so much mardis gras, but I do like a good party.

Yankee Girl said...

I am loving your 28 Days of Love posts.

I'm giving up soda for Lent but you make me want to look deeper than that.

Elizabeth M. said...

Erin painted a copy of your day 15 Monet in one of her High School art classes. I framed it and it's still hanging upstairs. I love that painting, too.
I love to go to the MFAH and stare at Rembrandt's "Girl with a Lace Collar." The detail is incredible. I can just stand there and stare until someone comes back to get me.