Monday, November 19, 2012

Silver Lining #20

Skipped a day or two.

It is funny how easy it is to care about stuff that can really have no bearing on our personal lives. Like college football for example. I felt deep moments of real stress twice on Saturday. Once the outcome was great, the second time, well . . . if the word FAIL has context the Ducks game Saturday night would be the time to use it.

I'm grateful for leisure time to entertain myself. Our modern lives seem complicated, but as with the reason this series started in the first place, many of those complications we choose on our own. But along with those complications comes a lot of free time to make our lives into precisely what we want them to be. There is time in a life to pursue talents and hobbies and interests. We live in a time when we can do so much more with our turn on earth than to put food on the table and scrabble a living out of the mud with our bare hands. Most of us in the US garden for pleasure, not for necessity. We sew for enjoyment, not to clothe the naked. We don't just clean our houses we decorate them. Women can go to work for necessity or for a "break." This time in which we live is certainly fraught with problems, but it is also filled with marvelous opportunity.

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