Sunday, November 04, 2012

Silver Lining #4

It isn't easy hustling the Jedi out the door for church in the morning. Especially if Plantboy has early morning meetings. Or if I have to be early to set up primary. Even on the smoothest mornings, there is a strong undercurrent of stress. As the election nears I'm also disheartened by some of what I hear at church. I'm trying very hard not to see politics in everything, though sometimes it is so overt that I'm upset.

But there is so much to be grateful for on Sundays. Maybe especially this Sunday. Last week was fast Sunday because today is Stake Conference. So not only is our start time an hour later than normal (hurray for a 10 o'clock start!!), but daylight savings seemed to give us an extra hour as well. Our stake conference is nearly always great, and I genuinely look forward to our Stake President's wry and poignant talks. This weekend, however, we will get one of those group broadcasts from Salt Lake City, which I love so much. I feel like I'm getting Conference twice in one month. Our last was one of the most wonderful and relevant church meetings I have ever attended.

I'm grateful for a day when I can say "no" to so many things, but "yes" to lots of lovely ones. I'm grateful for the roast I will put in the crockpot today. And the letter I will write. And the people I will visit.

And, in response to my stressor at the beginning: I know that it would be easier to get just myself off to Church in the morning, but please don't mistake me. One of my happiest moments of the week is sitting with four such handsome men on the bench each Sunday singing at the top of my lungs in praise of such a merciful Father in Heaven. I'm grateful for a husband who doesn't need me to drag him out the door to go to church each week. I'm grateful for sons who come to church willingly and without complaint. I'm grateful that against all odds (for I was such an oddball) that it was one of my blessings to find such a marriage in this life. He is my true partner.

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Shiree said...

You write so well that I never feel like I could say anything eloquent enough to respond. But I loved this silver lining! (and I sure loved our Eugene stake pres. too!) I wish I would have known you in your oddball days. We could have been odd together. :)