Thursday, November 01, 2012

Silver Lining #1

You are all quite wonderful, you know. Each of your comments helped me in some way. Coming down with a massive head cold last weekend, unfortunately, did not. Though it has forced me to park it for a few days.

I think Cathy explained it very well for a couple of reasons. Yes, most of my trials right now are things that I have chosen. And, also yes, I have chosen these things for a reason. That magnificent silver lining that is the mirror side of these trials.

Many bloggers do the "gratitude challenge." I don't think I ever have. This year I think I will do my own take on it. I am going to look at the things right now that stress me and reflect on what the silver lining is, and why, as Cathy so eloquently put it, I would probably pick it up again if it was absent from my life.

Today's trial is my Project Proposal.

This is the rather massive paper (and the accompanying project) I must complete to be awarded my master's degree. The problem is that I had to begin the project now because of my classroom-less state. To get the requisite hours I need a longer amount of time.

My project involves me teaching 4th grade science. I chose 4th grade because I don't have any children in that grade and it was a little easier to garner more respect that way. There is an extra classroom at the school near the fourth grade rooms that we have converted into a science lab. I've been there nearly every day since last Monday from the time my kids leave for school until about 11 or 12. Needless to say, this has been a serious drain on my homework time!

The silver lining.

The kids are so happy and engaged and learning. My new lessons have been enormously successful and our new principal is ecstatic and given us a lot of leeway with the budget. He has taken pictures and video for the school's website and one of the teachers has linked content for parents to view at home. The principles I've learned at university are really working and I feel like I'm a better teacher than I've ever been. Plus, when you teach for free, everyone loves you. I've never felt such a ridiculous amount of gratitude from colleagues, parents or kids. And fourth graders give hugs on the playground. Who knew?


Kimberly Bluestocking said...

That silver lining sounds awesome. :)

Jenny said...

May there be many fourth grade hugs in your future.

Cathy said...

I'm touched that my words meant something to you. Sometimes I feel so pompous and pretentious as I try and find the right words.

It also feels like another link in the friendships formed by communicating thoughts...the kind that right now happen through blogs, since I'm slow to form friendships in person, especially when caring for my young family tends to eat up my time.

Fourth grade must be a terrific time for science, when so many of the kids are still full of wonder at the world and really want to know about it. And with schools generally struggling to find resources, I'm sure the school and its parents are happy to have you!