Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Silver Lining #7

I know that many feel like their prayers were not answered yesterday. I'm grateful to believe mine was (see yesterday's post). And I'm staying off Facebook today.

My election day is doubly memorable because it is also the day that I found out my sweet little five year old needs glasses. Quite badly as a matter of fact. I guess not every really finding a proper pediatrician for the child didn't really work out for us. He may also need to wear a patch after the new year once we see how he reacts to his glasses.

But I am so grateful.

I'm grateful for insurance and benefits that mean we can afford for the Youngling to wear and choose the glasses he will wear. I'm grateful for a woefully underpaid school nurse who discovered the terrible vision in Youngling's right eye (which turns out to be an undiagnosed astigmatism he has probably had for his whole life). I'm grateful for sweet and supportive big brothers. I'm grateful for the way my baby handled himself at the optometrist yesterday. I'm grateful for modern life that lets us discover this problem instead of just thinking he isn't going to be smart enough to learn to read.

And, I've got to be totally honest. The glasses are adorable. He looks like that irresistible scamp in a GAP ad that you wish you could just put in your pocket and take home. Guess what? I get to. He was so compliant and sweet and cuddly yesterday, his still-chubby hand fitting so trusting into mine. I marvel daily that the Lord saw fit to send this one to me. And I'm grateful. Grateful. Grateful.


Sherry said...

So great that that was caught early! I have a nephew with two very bright older brothers. When #3 was struggling to read - so much so that he was put in a special reading program - his parents really didn't want to make a big deal of it and tried to just think, "All kids are different!" After struggling and struggling, they realized at the beginning of second grade that the kid has horrible vision. His reading has improved, but it's still something he struggles with. So glad this didn't happen to the Youngling!

Supergirl said...

We did the patch and glasses with Emma and now she is patch and glasses free! You will survive it.

I took a box of disposable patches to her school class and explained why she would be wearing it to school every couple of days. I then had all the kids decorate a patch for her with sharpies. The kids were excited each day to see if she was wearing the one they decorated. It worked put great!

Good luck!

Shiree said...

I want to see a picture! He is so cute even without the glasses.